Promoting Wellness

JGMA planned and designed the Humboldt Park Health, a 100-year-old building located in the heart of Chicago’s Puerto Rican neighborhood

Fact File
Project sector: Healthcare
Budget: 5.33 M USD
Completion: 2020
Photographer: Maria Monteagudo, JGMA
Source: V2com

JGMA planned and designed the Humboldt Park Health

The interior renovation project represents a critical first step in a Wellness District Master Plan, with the main objective of rethinking the health and well-being of area residents. The renovation and reimagination of the lower levels and functions within are specifically related to patient care, visitor flow, and wayfinding.

The project consists of over 25,000 sq-ft of work, split into 22 individual phases. The interior transformation includes new floor, wall, and ceiling finishes to brighten and enliven the environment through a bold and expressive introduction of color, as well as to provide clear wayfinding for patient access to the various programs throughout the hospital. Creation of new partitions and demolition of existing barriers in various areas seek to reshape programmatic adjacencies and to better promote wellness and privacy for all.

JGMA planned and designed the Humboldt Park Health

Transparent and translucent materials assist in promoting both openness and privacy, while providing opportunities to tie the hospital back to the culture of the surrounding community through the introduction of local art and imagery of nearby landmarks. A dynamic ceiling treatment throughout the corridors is meant to both define the various program areas, and to shape the logic of signage and easy wayfinding.