A.J. Architects create a compact apartment in the heart of Bangalore

Villa 37, located in a gated community in Bangalore, has a quaintly designed façade, which contrasts with the opulent interiors. The villa houses a parking and utility area on the ground floor, formal areas and master bedroom on the first, and the family living on the second floor.

A.J. Architects
The materiality printed in the house leads the general context to the uniqueness, enabling dialogue between the elements and discontinuing the spaces with delicacy. The sparse configuration of large windows creates the possibility for optimum lighting and allows the play of moderately darker and neutral palettes.
Ar Arvind Jain
The opulent interiors are designed to meet the owners’ aspiration for a weekend home that was luxurious and fitted with the most modern amenities

AR. Arvind Jain

The semi-circular staircase, placed as an interlocutor between the villa’s program, absorbs the permeability of the areas, forming the central vista. The juxtaposition of contrasting layers of teak wood and staturio marble, evoke the warmth and add to the luxury quotient. Other design elements include a grey mirror with a console unit, a CNC pattern on the entrance unit, and a backlit onyx and jali pattern.

A.J. Architects