Agile & Collaborative

The Office 819, designed by Envisage, is dynamic and a focused design intervention craft for a healthy work environment

Office 819 by Envisage in Gurugram

Office 819 is designed for a company that is invested in the production of cement and is situated within a larger office complex in Gurugram. A concise design brief called for a workplace that is clean, minimal, and, most importantly, one that would encourage the teams’ physical and emotional well-being. An additional challenge was to create a space to host people and conduct meetings. This allowed for the creation of a targeted design intervention with all functionalities, while adding a touch of exuberance to the overall space.

The reception area with Art Deco elements has a material palette of fabric, wood, metal and marble. Pendant lights with metal embellishments bring warmth, while the metallic backdrop and marble flooring add to the luxurious aesthetic. Despite a relatively compact space, the clean layout creates a sense of spaciousness with every inch of space optimised. In the office cabins, there is simplicity, minimal ornamentation, recessed shelves, glass partitions for privacy and sense of openness, large casement windows for natural light, and a colour palette that is muted and neutral.
Meena Murthy Kakkar Vishal Kakkar
Today, we are seeing the creation of more agile and more collaborative workspaces. Office 819 is purposefully crafted with luxury and usability, with its spatial volumes speaking a bespoke design language in order to craft a professional, yet welcoming environment

Ar. Meena Murthy Kakkar & Ar. Vishal Kakkar

Fact File

Typology: Office Location: Gurgaon, Haryana
Built-Up Area: 1000-sqft
Start Date: Oct 2019
Completion Date: Jan 2020
Photographer: Suryan and Dang

Office 819 by Envisage in Gurugram