Worldin Oshiwara View Night

A first-of-its-kind king-size residency in Mumbai with pools and other amenities in each flat to experience the whole world within. Swimming pools have been designed within a flat which appeals like an Oasis in ones dream home.


Legend Siroya (formerly known as Siroya Developers) is a real estate company which boasts a diversified project portfolio spanning across luxury residences, hospitality, commercial, redevelopment and mixed-use ventures across the country. With currently over 60 projects in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, the company in a first-of-its kind venture, is coming up with its premium residency project Worldin which include a swimming pool, bar and barbeque area available in each apartment of the 40-storey project, ranging from 2.5 BHKs to the Grande 8-bedroom duplex Condos. Realizing the importance of a pool not only to take a bath but also as an excellent place to relax and let your tensions wash away, the group has gear up with this concept.

Worldin Duplex Condos

The group believes in perfection and always strives to understand what and who is really important for them and what need to be done rather than doing things as per industry or trend going on. It has many firsts to its credit as it directly interacts with the customers and based on their requirement it comes up with the project. It has announced a residential project Worldin for those who prefer to live life king-size, the 4, 6, 8 bhk residences along with the additional amenities of a grand double-door entrance, a separate al-fresco party area and also a sprawling spare space that can be converted into a private cinema hall, game room, library, art room, gym, studio or just about anything else that can be imagined.

Worldin promises a well-deserved escape from the hectic, clustered and crowded life of Mumbai as one return to his/her spacious and elaborate apartment each day. The smallest flat in the project will be about 1,700 square feet, a rare feature in residencies of the city. Along with swimming pools, each apartment will also boast of its own attached terraces, walk-in wardrobes and a service space that can be used as a laundry room or abode for the domestic help, sanitary fittings by UK-based luxury brand Villeroy and Boch among other amenities.

According to Mr. Rishabh Siroya, Director, Legend Siroya, "The project is an attempt to provide the customers with a 'flat that comprises the entire world'. In a metro like Mumbai, spacious houses are a rare luxury. We believe in giving this luxury to our customers."

Also, Worldin is one of the few constructions in the city that will boast of its very own helipad. The 10 storeys dedicated to parking can accommodate over 400 cars. The project also comprises a gymnasium with state-of-art equipment in the premise and a swimming pool for the residents.


The developers also have a unique feature of customization for the apartments. "We have given the option of re-designing the apartment to suit the need of the buyer. Also, the plan offers ultimate flexibility as empty areas and spaces made available can be utilized as required to increase living space vertically or horizontally without the need of any structural changes," Mr. Siroya added.

Worldin View Front Closeup

Worldin Aerial View

With a variety of royal amenities under one roof that very few projects offer even separately in the city, the 3,50,000 square feet project intends to create a benchmark in fashionable living crafted with its unparalleled designs and innovative structures. Mr. Mukesh Bahadur, the principal architect of this project says, "The design of this building has been developed taking into consideration the needs of large and small families with utmost flexibility in design of spaces while encompassing natural elements and bringing them all together as one solution. The aerodynamic form with a central core provides direct light and ventilation to all rooms. The simple concept of the building as an object brought into light is matched here by well-mannered form that is striking but unimposing, non-intrusive in the air stream and at ground level."

Expatiating on the structural design the other he said that we have ensured that every apartment of Worldin has a good view and adequate ventilation, which is a rare and novel thing for a residential tower in Mumbai. Also, the design allows users to customize apartments as per their requirements without making structural changes. Wide open decks in each apartment give the feeling of openness and oneness with the overall element, and also provide scenic view.

Worldin Swimming Pool

He added that we have mainly used RCC frame structure for this project and to break the homogeneity, we have utilized glass cladding in a contemporary manner to achieve visual warmth, delicacy and hierarchy of scale.

Talking about the main determinant of the design process for their architectural firm he elaborated that their most important aspect is functionality. We take into consideration the site conditions and use basic technology to achieve functional efficiency. Another crucial facet is innovativeness. Along with the exterior, the internal design of the project must be considered. It offers greater efficiency to the overall planning. While you do all this it is also very important to understand its effects on the end-user and his immediate environment.

Worldin View Eye Level

Sharing his views about sustainable architecture he said that in metros, sustainability is a difficult task to achieve. However, we try to make our designs as environment-friendly as possible. There are two geometries, one being the suns geometry on its east west path and the other being the geometry of the site in relation to the roads that is the contextual geometry. These geometries don't coincide but have to make them coincide and come up with an optimum solution for the problems of present day congested living like in "MUMBAI. Design of wordlin is such an example which has a gamut of facilities, besides a plethora of multiplexes, spas, good educational institutes, upscale shopping areas and malls, hi-tech hospitals, business centres, clubs et al.