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Rakesh Zutshi, MD, Halonix Technologies, discusses LEDs growing usage in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors, trends in lighting design, and products that enhance interior décor

LEDs - First Choice of Designers
LEDs offer interior lighting designers and architects numerous ways to beautify any internal or external area through different kinds of lighting effects. The current trends being observed include designing the ceiling through installation of LED luminaries, using small lights in a series for brighter effects, luminaries in tube style, LED luminaries with features like adjustable color temperature, LED strips, reflector LED lamps, downlighters, LED spots, and LED panel lights, among others.

High energy saving, low costs, modular designs and ease of use have made LEDs the first choice in all the sectors - residential, commercial, institutional and industrial. Moreover, the government is also promoting the LED market segment by introducing schemes like LED bulb distribution under domestic efficient lighting programme in Delhi; the National Programme for LED-based Home and Street Lighting; besides distributing free LED lights in rural areas.

Consequently, the demand for LED is growing at a robust pace in all the sectors. The Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers’ Association (ELCOMA) India is also committed to fulfil this swiftly growing demand. Simultaneously, we are also working towards transforming India into a global manufacturing hub of superior yet economical LED products.

Customization & Retrofitting
One among the best things about LEDs is that they can easily be customized to create the desired lighting environment. At Halonix, we are offering customization and retrofitting options, and have a dedicated web page for consumers to place their requirements. Our dedicated team understands the requirements and accordingly fulfils customers’ demand and expectations, in the best manner possible.

Halonix provides customization and retrofitting options in LEDs for increased light output and improved light quality. Our customization and retrofitting options include lighting systems with various new distribution patterns, photometric performance, lighting schemes and other features to enhance the visual environment and improve workplace productivity.

Lighting up Interiors
Halonix’s exclusive collection of LED decorative lights ‘Radiant’ are easy to install; they are mounted through a 1m pendant holder provided with a fixture on hook. Studded with anti-glare frosted diffuser for uniform light distribution, the lights are available in red, green, yellow and white colour variants.

Halonix ACE LED Recess/Surface Downlighter has a range of special features; this multi-purpose lighting product line can easily be convertible for surface mounting by adding a frame/ring. It can simply be fixed on the ceiling surface by locking the screws for brilliant, energy saving LED lighting solutions and aesthetic design that add to the interior decor.

Halonix Technologies, one of India’s fast-growing retail and institutional lighting company, owes its success to its ability to develop, test and deploy lighting solutions that are tailor made for Indian conditions, and its focus on R&D and quality control. It has state–of-the-art manufacturing facilities and has been accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certification.
Rakesh Zutshi, Halonix Technologies
High energy saving, low cost, modular design, and ease of use have made LEDs the first choice in all the sectors, and one of the best things about LEDs is that they can easily be customized to create the desired lighting environment

Rakesh Zutshi, Halonix Technologies