Rising Appeal of Elevators

For architects, builders, engineers, and developers of urban mid-rise buildings including residential, commercial, retail, and hotels, the market is offering a gamut of elevator types with advanced technology and aesthetically designed car interiors and usability enhancement features, for a smooth, noise-free, fast ride

KONE: Understanding the urban ecosystem

KONE, with its insightful research on people flow, innovation and futuristic technology, has developed innovative elevator solutions to make user experience smoother and more convenient, along with powerful performance, warmer interfaces, smart operations, safe and comfortable rides and finer aesthetics.

The company’s KONE U Monospace® and U Minispace™ models for the mid-range segment, meets the urban dweller’s need for speed, comfort and safety. Powered by KONE EcoDisc® (that revolutionized the elevator industry through its gearless solution), the elevators make the vertical journey of mid-rise urban buildings more convenient with an increased travel speed of 2.5m/s, while delivering rider comfort with utmost safety, functional efficiency, smart responses and attractive aesthetics.
Amit Gossain
Through more effective People Flow®, we make people’s journeys safe, convenient and reliable, in taller, smarter buildings. Our focus is on delivering uncompromised safety and meeting the expectations of our customers in installing and maintaining our elevators and escalators. The construction and real estate customers are looking for energy-efficiency and green building certifications like LEED and BREEAM. With our new products and solutions, the carbon footprint of buildings can be cut to an even greater extent

Amit Gossain, KONE India

The elevators offer ease of access to the elderly, children, and wheelchair travelers with braille button options for the visually challenged. The cars are available in a range of design options to complement building interiors and LCD color displays for an immersive viewing experience. Within the cars, concentrated throw of light by Nano Spot creates a lush light filled ambience, while the square LED spotlights give even diffusion for a soothing atmosphere.

The rounded corner car is a completely new architectural style that complements modern buildings with its minimalistic shape. Multifaceted 3D gem pattern wall finish, asymmetric abstract design with indirect lighting such as the unique dual tone lighting on the rear side of the handrail, expand the visual space. A gradient jaali pattern with indirect lighting provides riders a rich heritage experience.

Operational efficiency is provided by a brake testing mechanism that automatically checks brake conditions every day to ensure user safety and reliability; the power-operated car door is equipped with lock as a standard feature for hassle-free user experience, and options like Automatic Rescue Device ensure user safety. Proven rope technology makes it easier to inspect the equipment for operational safety at all times. A curtain of light ensures safe entry and exit of the car as accurate landing eliminates risk of tripping.

The company is enabling sustainability through eco-efficient technologies to help buildings achieve a green rating. KONE U Monospace® and U Minispace™ come with stand-by mode solutions that save energy when the elevator remains idle. Automatic car light and fan off/on operations and power sleep mode provides substantial energy savings. Their gearless technology requires a very compact machine room and is easy to construct, freeing precious building space and saving construction cost and time.

KONE has set a benchmark in the industry through its Eco-efficient Performance, Premium Ride comfort and Award-winning Designs. Its new products have 26 cars with visuals inspired by Navaratna, the nine gems. Says Amit Gossain, “Since the demand for better aesthetics is gaining importance, The Navaratna visual car designs are so striking that they will certainly enhance customer experience. Moreover, this New Design Collection is set to create a lasting impression & unforgettable user experience.”

KONE provides elevators, escalators and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization to add value to buildings throughout their lifecycle. “Through more effective People Flow®, we make people’s journeys safe, convenient and reliable, in taller, smarter buildings. Our focus is on delivering uncompromised safety and meeting the expectations of our customers in installing and maintaining our elevators and escalators.”

The Construction and Real Estate Customers are looking for energy-efficiency and green building certification schemes like LEED and BREEAM. With our new products and solutions, the carbon footprint of buildings can be cut to an even greater extent.”

KONE U MonoSpace Elevators are up to 35% more energy-efficient than the company’s earlier elevators due to a highly efficient drive, enhanced standby solutions, and the renewed KONE EcoDisc hoisting machine complemented by a range of upgrades such as a New Motor Control System, a renewed Braking System, a Redesigned Hoisting System, and an improved Car Structure, all of which are designed to deliver ride comfort with low noise levels, no vibration, and an accurate floor leveling.

Transcon Developers: Vouching for quality

Transcon Developers is using KONE elevators in its high-rise project - Tirumala Habitats. Comments managing director Aditya Kedia, “We are using KONE as it is ISO certified and the only lift company in the Fortune500 list. KONE’s innovations and technological advancements have led to the development of high-speed elevators with a small machine room for high-rise buildings. They are also eco-efficient, and their cabs come in a range of attractive designs and give a comfortable ride. The cutting-edge technology of the elevators enables supreme performance in shafts that can now be smaller than before, and their suspension machinery allows them to respond with adequate speed and capacity. We have installed elevators that can travel at a speed of 2.0 to 4.0 meters per second and have safety features like a CCTV camera, an intercom connected to the security cabin in case of an emergency or a lift breakdown.”
Aditya Kedia
Buying elevators is a long-term investment; one can either opt for cheaper products for which developers end up incurring a lot of cost for maintenance and servicing on an ongoing basis, or one can choose a higher end, superior quality product, which may be costly, initially, but will require very low maintenance in the long run

Aditya Kedia, Transcon Developers

He informs that the industry demand is for smart vertical mobility solutions and green living solutions like lead-free elevators with variable voltage adjustable frequency drives, power regeneration, minimal use of lubrication oil, LED lighting and automatic switch-off systems that help save energy.

“Regular maintenance and lubrication will enable optimal functionality of the lift with a life up to 15 - 20 years, while a poorly maintained lift will have a considerably shorter lifespan and may need to be restructured within 10 to 15 years. This, however, will depend on the type of elevator. In fact, we have a separate elevator for carrying heavy-duty household items so that the regular elevator does not undergo undue stress caused by excessive weight,” he advises.

Thyssenkrupp: Offering value for money
Bharat Vishnani
The rising development of satellite townships is seeing demand for low-rise residential and commercial sectors, and to meet their requirement for elevators, we have introduced German quality elevators with stylishly designed car interiors, and at competitive prices

Bharat Vishnani
thyssenkrupp Elevator, India

Rising development of satellite townships is increasing demand for low-rise residential and commercial sectors. To meet demand for smooth people movement in a cost-effective way for this segment, thyssenkrupp is offering its value for money enta100, besides the new meta100 and enta200. The elevators are of world-class German quality. meta100, with MR and MRL application, speed up to 1.75 m/s, and a choice of 8 stylishly designed car interiors. The elevator is engineered to deliver a safe and reliable journey. Safety features include a full-height infrared curtain and auto levelling of car for safe ingress and egress; safety brakes engineered to meet the highest Indian standards, 3-year maintenance-free brake shoes and solid/maintenance-free bearings that reduce maintenance needs.

meta100 is faster to install with lower construction costs as its compact dimensions provide higher shaft efficiency, which helps builders to maximize the usable building area. Smaller overhead and pit dimensions and MRL solution further reduces the material cost. Its smart mechanical set-up, optimized product design plus a scaffold-free set-up makes installation safer and quicker. Faster installation facilitates early commissioning of the building, generating earlier revenue. meta100 comes with energy-efficient gearless PMS motor, inverter and sustainable LED car lighting features, which facilitates energy saving. The strong car frame and the damping rubbers on the platform gives a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride.

Thyssenkrupp’s enta200 elevator offers a variety of car interior options with etch finishes, stainless steel finishes, metallic power-coated colours, and three flooring options, besides meaningful controls such as hall indicator and hall lantern options to add to the building’s appeal. enta200 has a speed up to 1.0 m/s and option of MMR and MRL application. Features include intelligent solutions for safe and dependable operations, up to 64 crossed beams light curtain for safe ingress and egress; Automatic Rescue Devices in case of power failure, provision for CCTV camera signal transmission through the travelling cable, an optimized suspension system and a strong car frame. To further enhance user experience, there is provision for music system wiring, voice announcement, car arrival chime and braille buttons.

Supertech: Advising home owners

Advises RK Arora, Chairman, Supertech Ltd, “When building a new mid-rise residence, it is prudent to think of the prospect of adding an elevator by stacking two closets on top of one another. If planned correctly, this space can later be transformed into a residential elevator without having to make major renovations. There are numerous models of elevators in the market and making a final choice may be a daunting task. The traditional hydraulic models use the principle of piston and cable. The pneumatic, which is more sophisticated, uses the air pressure changes for moving the elevator cab. There are other simpler models with not so powerful motors to move the cab.”
RK Arora
Pick an elevator that matches your home decor. Hydraulic-driver model is usually a bigger elevator and occupies more space. It also requires a separate room for the power unit, so the house owner may have to plan in advance to accommodate the same. Vacuum-driver model is more of an open kind and can be fixed on exterior walls

RK Arora, Supertech

As per his experience, a hydraulic-driven lift requires a meticulous installation procedure. A pit has to be dug to install the piston and cylinder and so on. There is a need to completely remodel the space. On the other hand, a vacuum-driven model can be installed without much constructional changes as it can be easily fixed in the required space within short span of time.

For manufacturers, preventive protection is the key to keeping the apparatus running in peak condition. Elevator systems can be a costly investment with a life expectancy of 25 years or more. During this time, due to normal wear and tear, the equipment will require maintenance. Arora’s advice to the elevator companies is: “An efficient protective maintenance program by the elevator manufacturer can help the base line of its business not just from a cost-effective maintenance program, but also by keeping its elevators running smoothly. Ensuring that customers have reliable access to the customer service of the manufacturer will keep them returning and ensure that they have a constructive view of the company. Over time, elevator motors and correlated equipment become worn. Preventing major failures will allow the company to reduce the amount of downtime while the elevator is being repaired. This also means avoiding extremely costly overhauls.”

Otis: Creating New Age Products

Otis has unveiled a new look of its elevators with two sleek design themes that reflect Indian warmth and culture as well as the New Age, modern India. The two new interior themes, named Aura and Atmos, are available on a select range of Gen2® elevators manufactured at the Otis factory in Bengaluru.
Sebi Joseph
Otis products are safe and technologically advanced. Our latest aesthetic packages have been designed to further enhance our ability to support building designers and owners in providing a stylish and contemporary environment for passengers

Sebi Joseph, Otis India

Each theme consists of a set of colours, materials and finishes conceptualized by a team of industrial designers and incorporating feedback from architects, real estate developers and users.

The Otis elevators capture a theme of organic continuum and understated elegance. Aura elevators have an opulent look with intricate mirror patterns on the ceiling and the walls illuminated with soft lights. The Atmos elevator range captures modern India with its blend of technology and nature reflected in the cool colours, muted edges, soft lighting and mirror panels that create a sense of spaciousness.


Otis, the world’s leading manufacturer and maintainer of people-moving products, including elevators, escalators and moving walkways, is a unit of United Technologies Corp. Made with precision engineering, the company’s elevators create smart and sustainable solutions for users’ smooth movement.

Mitsubishi: Offering high-end products
Ko Tanaka
India is an attractive emerging market with exponentially growing commercial and residential sectors. In times to come, demand for high-performance elevators will continue to increase in various segments of the real estate sector

Ko Tanaka, MD
Mitsubishi Elevator


Mitsubishi Elevator India’s state-of-the-art factory at Vemgal in Kolar district near Bengaluru, which was set up in 2017, has a manufacturing capacity of 5,000 units/year and can be scaled up. The facility includes a test tower and a field-training centre for installation and maintenance. The factory manufactures the Nexiez-Lite brand of elevators. By producing locally, the company expects to strengthen competitiveness in terms of lead time and catering to a larger section of low and mid-rise buildings.

The company has sold over 10,000 units of elevators and escalators since 1995, mainly to IT companies, residences, hotel industry, shopping malls, hospitals, and educational institutions. It has set a benchmark for quality with its stringent quality systems and emphasis on safety and reliability.

Mitsubishi Electric has achieved three world records: Shanghai Tower, China, for the fastest elevator speed of 20.5m/sec; tallest lift with 578.55m travel; and fastest double-deck elevator with speed of 10m/sec. These elevators use artificial-intelligence and continue to receive high evaluations.

Elan Group: Defining elevator selection

Gurgaon-based Elan Group, a leading commercial real estate developer has entered into a strategic partnership with Mitsubishi Elevator India Pvt. Ltd., whereby Mitsubishi will help Elan Group deliver high-end commercial properties in Delhi-NCR.
Ravish Kapoor
Elan Group believes in using high-end products and technology in all its projects. Under our agreement with the world-renowned Mitsubishi Elevator, the Elan Group will be using Mitsubishi elevators in all our commercial

Ravish Kapoor, Elan Group

Says Ravish Kapoor, Director, Elan Group, “Elan Group believes in using high-end products and technology in all its projects. Under this agreement with the world-renowned Mitsubishi Elevator, the Elan Group will be using 21 Mitsubishi elevators in all its commercial projects such as the Elan Mercado and the Elan Town Centre, which are nearing possession, and Elan Miracle in Gurgaon. Elan Group is developing cutting-edge innovations and creating intelligent spaces equipped with technically advanced products, which will bring a major, positive transformation in India’s realty sector.”

Raj Singhal, CEO, Elan Group, giving a view of the current scenario of the elevator market in the country, says, “India is currently the second largest market for elevators and escalators in the world. Commercial real estate market and the high-rise building across the country is one of the factors in increasing demand. As the need for housing and commercial space grows, the elevator industry will see simultaneous growth to cater to people movement.”
Raj Singal
The Real Estate Industry takes health and safety of its customers very seriously, which explains why lifts are the unheralded but undoubtedly the safest form of mechanical transportation

Raj Singhal, Elan Group

Raj Singhal informs that when choosing elevators for their projects they consider various, critical factors such as the traveling speed of home elevators, which is generally 30-40ft per minute. The load capacity should be considered based on factors such as the requirement need to transport one person at a time, you can choose an elevator with a lower weight capacity, but if the elevator has to transport a person in a wheelchair, consider the weight of the passenger as well as the weight of the wheelchair. There must also be adequate space inside the cab to comfortably accommodate a wheelchair.

Safety features should include battery operated emergency lowering, lighting and fan, manual emergency lowering button, emergency stop and alarm buttons, in-use indicator lights on hall station, telephone, non-skid platform, under-panel sensor to stop the unit if it detects an obstruction, pressure relief valve to prevent platform overload, electro-mechanical door lock and open door sensors, mechanical emergency safety brake system, infrared safety light curtain, handrails inside cab, earthquake brackets and automatic battery recharging system.

As regards space, he informs that there are certain models which do not require any separate machine room, and some can be even installed adjacent to wrap-around stairs through a hole in the floor or can be attached to a balcony. The main advantage of these models is that they consume minimal floor space, which helps save valuable space in the apartment. The home owner can decide on the elevator model based on the amount of space he can spare. Other required considerations for a lift are a fast and comfortable ride; should be able to travel to the required distance, be energy-efficient, environment- and user-friendly.

Advises Singhal, “Elevators need routine maintenance and its equipment and machinery need periodic adjustment, lubrication and examination for safe and reliable operation. Elevators also need to be inspected annually and certified for use. So, it is important to schedule routine maintenance with the manufacturer or a reputed company.”

“Elevator manufacturers are poised to cater to the increasing demand and it is envisaged that the next stage of development in elevator technology will be digitalization for further enhancing passenger experience,” he adds.

Schindler: Delivering innovative mobility solutions
Schindler elevators and escalators with their innovative and environment-friendly access and transit-management systems are making a significant contribution towards hassle-free mobility in urban societies

Uday Kulkarni, Schindler


Schindler India has been providing top-of-the-line Urban Mobility solutions in India for more than 20 years. Uday Kulkarni, President, Schindler India & South Asia, informs that the company is developing and delivering highly innovative and user-friendly mobility solutions to move India - safely & reliably. “Schindler is the first multinational company to have both elevator & escalator manufacturing facilities in India and service presence across 50 major cities.”
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