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The design fraternity will have to be more eco-friendly and come up with environmentally responsible solutions.
Any product which is sustainable will have a larger life in the market. Our profession will also need to adapt new ways of working and construction strategies. Hence, the focus should be on products which are green, recycled, and eco-friendly. For example, using reclaimed wood furniture and flooring in a new way is a sustainable choice. The same approach can be taken with lights, rugs, hardware, recycled glass, recycled plastic, HDPE etc. Rustic themes or houses with reclaimed furniture and flooring look stunning. Since the cost of reclaimed furniture will be more affordable, they will generate a greater demand from consumers.

KR Architecture Studio

Designers can collaborate with factories and execution agencies for endorsing signature style products, recycled-metal furniture, and other products. The furniture industry is globally a 180 billion USD industry; China has a 50% market share, while Italy and Germany contribute 20%. Indian furniture manufacturers should come up with greener alternatives for products used in construction industries. We should learn from our past and invest in the future, upgrade our technical skills and learn to use new and sustainable ways of working.