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New building technologies like precast/modular constructions are saving time and money for developers.
Real estate developers are emphasizing the use of new and innovative construction techniques to improve their time to market and deliver better-finished products. With project execution challenges and the need for providing efficiencies in construction, traditional brick and mortar construction is giving way to newer construction techniques like Mivan – an aluminum formwork construction technique, which we have used in our upcoming township project Adhiraj Capital City to build the tallest skyscrapers of Navi Mumbai. This construction technique not only ensures the maximum structural integrity of the building but also a better finish. It reduces construction time and improves space efficiencies in comparison to conventional techniques, and increases the cost efficiencies substantially.

Self-sustainable townships fulfill an entire family’s need by creating a large bio bubble offering a safe and secure environment.
Since the outset of the pandemic, township projects have peaked in demand. After weathering the storm of last year, many homebuyers are considering relocating to self-sustained gated communities offering bigger and spacious apartments, along with recreational and entertainment amenities that reduce the need to venture out.

Given the new normal and foreseeable future requirements we have taken pains to address the requirements, of residents so that they will transition smoothly from WFH to traveling to the office and vice versa. We are also encouraging walk-to-work culture by providing grade A office spaces, residential towers with high-speed destination-controlled elevators, and a 3-tier security system for the homeowners. We also use water saving admixtures for curing, water harvesting mechanisms, and solar powered streetlights.

Adhiraj Construction

Social spaces in residential complexes encourage community interaction.
Recreational spaces within lush green areas help residents to unwind and rejuvenate by engaging in a range of activities. When people are given these spaces to bond, development of an evolved community begins. As the discerning buyers will be extra cautious regarding sanitization and physical health, these spaces in townships will also help them to increase their immunity. We have also designed and built sky lounges with curated themes that offer a barbeque zone, children’s play area, Japanese-style Zen gardens, etc, for residents to spend quality time with their loved ones.