Work-Live-Play: A new mantra for hassle-free life

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Sumit Bharana

It brings into picture the thought of combining studio apartments-offices-commercial hubs under single roof. Highrise buildings, long working hours, traffic congestions, polluted roads and densely populated areas—ideally define a metropolitan city. The so called "speediness" has ravished the real essence of life. People from small towns migrate to cities for a healthy lifestyle, but often find themselves stuck in the amidst of rush and tensions.

The war is about the grip on the rat race, to survive, to boost one's ego by possessing a dream flat and a car in a well heeled part of the city. We hardly spend time with friends, an occasional forwarded sms generally takes care of that. Celebrations have transformed into the once in a while formal get together. A normal day in most of our lives usually starts from a prescribed breakfast by the friendly dietitian, work out in the gym under the vigilant eyes of the trainer, rush to the office (if you have a car you are perhaps the luckiest one, else wait for the public transport and prepare yourself for the routine fight of finding a seat in a bus), come back home after long hectic travelling hours and spend some time with your family (if your body authorizes that), go to sleep and start all over again the next morning.

These cities have become so populated and polluted to its optimum level that eradicating long travelling distances between work, home and amusement, is a contemporary necessity of the young professionals.

So, more desirable travel patterns have given rise to a new concept called Work-live and play, which is a boon and can fulfill all the present day needs, making life more trouble-free and joyful. It ideally means, obtaining three vital components of any working professional's lifestyle, that is, a convenient place to live, a suitable place to work, and an exciting place to enjoy, located inside one estate. In a straight line, it shows an easy escape from the dusty, polluted and noisy traffic hours.

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That's something most of us strive for, and the new trend for achieving that goal is to move in such localities. This idea may sound untried, but it has been around since the 1980s in spirit and is banging again in many metropolitan areas.

A Complete Recreational Package

Undoubtedly, life in big cities has become faster and people are always bound in a specified time frame but developers now a days are busy building such an infrastructure which can cater all the recreational facilities and a home to stay, closer to the office premises. Reports of the health organizations reveal that most of the people in the metropolitan cities suffer from respiratory problems due to high levels of pollution.

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Although these cities provide many employment opportunities but they fail to provide a peaceful life. The time wasted in jams and congestions reduces the competence of the people and leaves no space for leisure. Higher education, extreme ambitions, efficiency —the basic attires of todays workforce, have raised the momentum of work-live-play concept in India.

Developers are pattering into the growing demand for this concept by reconstructing all the infrastructure for building industrial estates and thus transforming them into the "elite class business parks" with a whole set of lifestyle facilities, including gymnasiums, grocery stores, movie theaters, walking trails, dog parks and the like. A suitable framework of active behavior, not only for adults but also for kids.

Benefits of Work Live and Play

In addition, live-work-play communities are no longer limited to the metropolis. Now, they even pop up in suburban areas as a way to taste the conveniences of urban life.

Benefits of Work-Live-Play

The economy may go through cycles of peaks and troughs, but demand for real estate, in particular housing will always be there in India, till every single working professional dreams of owning a home. No matter how many jobs are sacked from a company, there will always be a need for a place to live. And considering the constant rise in the population of our country, realty market is bound to find a way out to bring people out of this competitive environment.

It's an easy option to get rid of this frantic life and moving in close proximity to the family. Moreover, sharing the neighborhood with the people you work would be a great opportunity to build some lifelong healthy relationships. Parties, small trips and frequent visits at each other place would help to fabricate a strong social life. Maintaining balance between professional and personal life will be far simpler, as one can ever think.

In other words, this concept of work-live-play brings into picture the thought of combining studio apartments-offices-commercial hubs under single roof. It's time to enjoy life and get everything you need in one convenient place!