Villa for Rajagopalan’s Family

Villa for Rajagopalan's Family

Project at a Glance:
Chief Architect : M. MURALI
Consultants : Mr. Kanagavel - Structural Consultant
Mr. Sumanan - Electrical Consultant
M/s. Ganga consultants - Plumbing consultant
Client : Mr. & Mrs. Vasuki Rajagopalan Residence
Area : 8500 sqft
Total Cost : Rs. 1.7 Crore
Year of Completion : 2009

Villa for Rajagopalan's Family

Murali architects has designed and built the 8500 sq.ft residence of Mr. & Mrs. Vasuki Rajagopalan green with the use of sustainable and highly energy efficient building materials meeting rigorous green building standards.

Located at Manapakkam, Chennai, the Villa is formed by simple planar geometry and varying levels combining office with a residence. The residence is designed for a family of five, giving a contemporary look. The clarity was the paramount for the design mass and good integration with the landscape.

As the client believe in living harmoniously with nature, the principle of Tamil Nadu science ‘aayam’ has been followed in this project.

Entering the house is the foyer with the flight of steps taking to the raised living. The huge living, dining with double heights extends from front to the rear surrounded by landscape and the shallow pool.

Villa for Rajagopalan's Family

A Central court yard in the house increases the proximity of the building with nature, which allows good amount of natural light into the spaces. The double height spaces links the various spaces thereby creating a united entity. The yoga room located at the first level amidst the green landscape and bamboo pergola gives divine feel to the space. The toilets in this residence have green courts.

Villa for Rajagopalan's Family

Villa for Rajagopalan's Family
Based on the demand or wish list of clients, the resident has a wind catcher. Natural material for the skylights has been used. Even the basement floor, though it does not have an opening to the outside, it is lit by the central light court and stay pretty cool too for the same reason, therefore minimizing the use of artificial lighting and resources. Venturi effect is applied blowing the hot air upwards in the court yard, with a continuous air draft.

Effective use of Natural materials is one of the reasons that make the building more energy efficient. Bamboo pergolas in the terrace giving a pattern of shadows in the terrace, creates a pleasant feel. Red oxide cement flooring, clay tiles in terrace flooring, wooden floor are majorly found.

The rooms are naturally ventilated in a good manner through cross ventilation. Solar panels are incorporated, through which solar energy can be well captured thereby reducing the artificial power consumption.

Car drive is designed with a regular pattern of grass and stone paving therefore allowing water percolation through which recharges the ground water table regularly. The clear defined masses and a well delineated geometry of the building gives it a grand façade and an effective system for low building maintenance too.