Creative inspiration at work is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) modern professional world Sapna Khakharia, Founder, The CANVAS Design

Oculus Design Studio
Creative inspiration at work in some way or the other boosts innovation, a lot of which comes from the workspace design itself. Today, our way of working is much better, faster and efficient. This creates an opportunity for encouraging the renovation of workspaces as well. Smart technologies have a big influence on office design and there are innovative devices for energy-saving.

The growth of co-working spaces is changing the dynamics of furniture design. An open office environment creates an opportunity for designers to implement innovative designs as well as enhance employee engagement.

Incorporating direct experiences into your business model is a trend that incorporates a host of characteristics, the goal of which is to prioritize employee experience and sense of wellness at work. Such spaces include meditation areas, cafeterias, gaming rooms, sports tournaments, team building events.

Zydus Office in Goregaon

The Old meets New trend follows a more cultural route where designers are infusing life into old buildings, for example, creating masterpieces with old warehouses by adding steel and brick structures; using cutting-edge technological expressions and aesthetics for creating innovative yet unconventional spaces; ultimately creating a design that moves effortlessly into the future. Design features include antique and weathered textures, old-world craftsmanship, modern design accents, glass and metals, carpets or wall coverings with abstract designs, modern office furniture, and natural colors.

Zydus Office in Goregaon

The Zydus office is replete with its brand colors. Features include collaborative workspaces with pod seatings, LEED certified workstations and fire bricks, biophilic elements like potted plants, vertical gardens, and appropriate glazing, a colorful cafeteria, and a swimming pool. Materials include Laminate Panel with MDF Text Cutout, Acoustic Abstracta Screen, Marble Wall Cladding, Wooden Panelling.

TATA Sky Windsor House

The design of the office of Tata Sky is a bold move in breaking the barriers of cabins and cubicles, resulting in an open office architecture. Adaptable furniture enables easy switch to spaces for meetings and conferences, and includes seating pods, nests, linear workstations, collaborative seats, and high desks. Design features include a Vertical Green Wall, Wall Mural, Acoustic Fabric Panels, Hand Painted Tiles, Wooden Flooring, Laminate Panelling and Acoustic Hera Board Bafal Ceiling.

FCB India

The office of FCB India features a contemporary biophilic design and brand colours throughout the space. Highlights include Mumbai chai glass hanging lights, dabbawala tiffin lids with code numbers as wall cladding, nest seating area with paper handmade birds, green turf, hammock, and planter ceiling. The office also has a cafeteria, open terrace, themed social hubs, gym, and a cricket court.