The campus design and layout of the PSG Institute of Technology in Coimbatore, by SD Sharma & Associates, harnesses the beauty and ambience of a planned natural environment

magnificent ambience

Material Palette
Local materials, primarily granite, in lobby and corridors
Non-slippery tiles in classrooms
Numerous windows proportionate to volume of rooms

The 1.5 lakh sq.ft campus comprises six established and independent modules, interlinked with a central corridor. It is an assemblage of classrooms, tutorial rooms, electric halls, staff rooms and other amenities. All usable rooms are assembled around a brightly lit central corridor. The play of materials in the departments gives identity and importance to the activity. The planning is user-friendly and directional. Service shafts enable easy movement of services.

Sangeet Sharma

Conceptualised and evolved by managing trustee Mr. L. Gopalkrishnan, the project took shape as the first Green Building in the institute and in the city of Coimbatore. It won the ‘Exemplary Performance Award for Passive Architecture Design’ by GRIHA Council in 2017

Ar. Sangeet Sharma

This block, a unit is replicated identically in other five blocks, thus creating a blocking which is thematic and systematic. The combined juxtaposition of the blocks is combination of masses with spaces in between the two blocks acting as air – shoots for cross ventilations. These areas provide access and ingress of the natural air to pass through with velocity.

magnificent ambience

The campus has passive design elements, solar panels, calculated light fittings, non-toxic paints, adequate natural light and ventilation and acoustically-treated lecture halls. Technology has been incorporated without compromising the principles of aesthetics and design, in fact, technology has followed the design.

magnificent ambience

Going beyond the normal design parameters, a mini forest zone was created on the south-west direction, for biodiversity, thereby, gaining additional points in GRIHA. Landscaped gardens and courtyards provide beautiful vistas.