Profine India celebrates 125 years of KOEMMERLING Legacy

On 1st December 2022, profine India celebrated 125 years of KOEMMERLING at a gala night event at The Suryaa Hotel, New Delhi. The event was organized for channel partners, associated vendors, and employees to celebrate the legacy of KOEMMERLING carrying for the last 125 years, when KOEMMERLING was established in 1897 in Pirma-sens, Germany.

profine India celebrated 125 yearsDr. Peter Mrosik and Farid Khan

Today, KOEMMERLING, with offices in more than 60 countries and production units in 10 countries, is considered to be the global leader in manufacturing uPVC window and door profiles and sheets.

Dr. Peter Mrosik, Owner and CEO, profine Group, paid a special visit to India to meet the guests personally and present the new logo which is a symbol of sustainability. It displays natural elements like the sun and water in abstract form and embodies circularity, and warm colors that represent life, awakening and the future – and sums up the brand message and direction that KOEMMERLING stands for: Today for Tomorrow. “We are working to ensure a sustainable future. This has been our mission from the start when I took over the company in 2012. KOEMMERLING is synonymous with sustainability and the circular economy. Our goal is to deliver the best quality windows with the smallest possible environmental footprint,” said Dr. Mrosik.

“KOEMMERLING is committed towards innovation and adding new advanced and eco-friendly plans to meet the changing market demands. We have been making investments in Infrastructure, Research and development, Tools and Machines, and in Skill Development. As of now, we have made 12 million euros investment in India and have planned further 3 million in 2023, as well as another 5 million euros in 2024-2025 towards infrastructure, advancement of extrusion facility, and adding more systems,” he announced.

profine India celebrated 125 years

On the occasion, Farid Khan, Director & CEO, profine India, acknowledging the support and contribution of channel partners, associated suppliers, and profine India employees in the brand’s success, said, “profine India is thankful to Dr. Peter Mrosik for his continuous trust and believing in the decisions like establishing a big extrusion facility, opening up of warehouse at Bengaluru, introducing new country specific systems, all of which are building more trust in our brands in the Indian market. Now we have more than 125 window manufacturers with 51 window experience centres.”

During the event, a few customers were presented with an award of excellence for their outstanding contribution in making KOEMMERLING a trusted and renowned brand in India.