The 65th-year Zonal Nasa Convention is being conducted in the DC School of Architecture & Design, Vagamon. The profound hosting spanning three days; November 3, 4, and 5, will include 50+ events, seminars, workshops, master classes, and competitions. The convention enables exposure and viewership to 2000+ delegates from 70+ institutions and renowned architectural firms across the South Zone. The main motive of the convention is to promote cross-college interaction for students of a particular zone and provide exposure to local talents and bring forth a broader platform.


Inauguration ceremony by Hari Sasikumar, Ravi Deecee, CCS Launch Felicitation by Artist Bose Krishnamachari, Ar Shankar S Kandhadai, Ar. Amol Magdum, Vote of Thanks By Navaneeth Krishna, Heritage by Dr Ar. Aishwarya Tipnis, Keynote by Biley Menon. Preamble of the Event by Tarun Krishna, Preamble of the Allegiance by Ijas Latheefi, Vote of Obligation by Harison are the highlight events of the convention.

Masterclass by Ar. Gita Balakrishnan (Virtual) on “Experiences Of #walkforacause”, DirectorS of Humming Tree Ar. Arun Shekhar Gowda on “Where We work” and Ar. Mohammed Afnan on “Business In Design”, Masterclass book launch by Ar. Miki Desai, Ar. Aabid Raheem on “Reflections Of Practice”, Ar. Jillis Phillip on “Learnings From Practice”, Ar. Roy Antony on “Architecture Of Memories, Experiences And Other Fragments”, Ar. Jaigopal and Ar. Latha on “Demystifying Sustainable Development”. Seminar by Mr. Vijitha Yapa on “Verbal Manifest”, Prof. Ar. Miji Mathew on “Socio-Cultural Narrative – A Walk Through Fort Kochi & Mattancherry”.Ar. Binumol Tom on “Discovering Mystery In Everyday Architecture”. Founder of Cochin Creative Collective Ar. Madhushitha CA and Ar Lijo John on “On Representation”, Founders of Zero Studio Ar. Hafeef PK and Ar. Hamid MM on “Design Stories”, Ar. Jabeen L Zacharias on “Defining Design”, Ar. Manual M De Las Heras on “Alternative Visions From The School Of The Practice”, Ar. Shintu G George on “Architecture Of The Commons”. P Vijayan IPS on “Chelembra Bank Robbery Case- The Great Indian Bank Robbery”, Ar. James Joseph on “Alternative Building Materials And Techniques In Western Ghats” Ar. S Gopakumar on “Designing For The People”, Founder of Dot Architects Ar. Mohammed Noufal on “Adaptive Reuse And Sustainability”, Ar. George A Aikkarakunnel on “Design Thinking”, Ar. Ajai Jose on “Portfolio Presentation Skills” are part of the event.

About NASA
The National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA, India) is the largest architectural student body in the world, with over 300 participating institutions and collaborations with other student bodies and colleges across the globe. NASA, India is an autonomous, non-profitable, non-political, non-religious, and democratic body for undergraduate students of Architecture in India.

About DC School of Architecture & Design
DC Kizhakemuri foundation, conceived in 2001, under Travancore Cochin Legislation of 1957, is formed as a tribute to the late DC Kizhakemuri, founder of DC Books. The Foundation conducts the annual Kerala Literature Festival (KLF) with support from various writers and other organizations. The foundation runs DC School of Management and Technology (DCSMAT) and DC School of Architecture and Design, which has campuses in Vagamon and Trivandrum. DC School of Architecture and Design, Vagamon is a zero waste campus. DCSAAD, Vagamon has been awarded with "RISING STAR AWARD, 2022" by Global Human Resource Development Centre Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi for their remarkable performance in Architecture Education.