RR Decor
RR Decor has entered into an agency agreement with six new international brands namely – SketchTwenty3, Persan, Versace 1969, Milano Tessuti, Evo and Portofino.

SketchTwenty3: SketchTwenty3 by Tim Wilman is an internationally acclaimed wallcoverings company based in the North West of England with design, innovation and quality at its heart. Since 2012, SketchTwenty3 has been delivering luxury collections of contemporary wallcoverings to the interior market providing customers with a new and luxurious decorative experience and excellent customer service. Their collections are all exclusively designed by an in-house design team whose focus is on creating unique papers with exquisite designs in elegant colour ways combined with specialist techniques and effects such as glass beaded products and unique hand woven grasscloths.

Persan: A leader brand in the decoration fabric market, Persan was established in 1975 by three brothers following the footsteps of their textile dealer father in a small shop in Sultanhamam, Istanbul. The company has embraced creativity and innovation with the highest quality as its fundamental philosophy, and today with shops and distributers in many important locations of Turkey, it brings the clients and the latest trends in home textile together. Persan also presents its collections to the world market through its overseas distributers.

Versace 1969: Versace Home mixes the heritage with the modern, ancient Greek with pop culture. “The inspiration is the story of Versace, our past that meets today and looks to the future.” Indeed, the narrative touches upon the maison’s legacy while staying true to modern tastes. The Rhapsody line that features living and embracing bedroom furniture with gold tone Medusa and ornamental curved and elegant shapes. The unapologetically extravagant Versace Home universe has always translated the glamorous codes of its fashion term. where one might need for the home. The latest Versace Home collection proves that the brand is constantly adding an innovative edge to its storied heritage.

Milano Tessuti: Engaged for several years in the artistic Direction of Emmecia’s Line, which is dedicated to the wide textile distribution, in 2014 Orietta Matarazzo created a new Brand: Milano Tessuti. The Creation of the Milano Tessuti’s Style is the answer to the demand of a fabric’s collection with more contemporary marks for industry and for the new concept of living. A new modern and international brand able to keep a determinate character. The colour is the key that characterizes the Collection among texture effects, micro-motifs and faux-tridimensional plains. The precious yarns, completely natural, elevate the fabric offering a new taste for the sight and for the touch.

Evo: Damaceno & Antunes is a Portuguese textile brand specialized in the creation and development of decorative fabrics and wallpapers. Currently, Evo is a publishing brand with exclusive and unique designs developed by Portuguese designers, with the philosophy of transmitting to the decoration fabrics the Portuguese heritage and culture. The Evo collection emerged in the year 2007 with the purpose of asserting itself in the high decoration market and international markets. Each collection that is created and designed by the brand is exclusively inspired by the best that represents the country, always with the aim of showing our distributors around the world the beauty of Portugal.

Portofino: The name Angelo Carillo has been synonymous with mastery and excellence in the home textile sector since 1952. Portofino is the brand comes under Angelo Carillo which finds Italian sheers design exclusively for niche market serving the high-quality products, with attention to every detail and its form. Every single intertwining of weft and warp of Angelo Carillo's products is conceived within the brand's stylistic center, located in the textile district of Nola where excellent Made in Italy craftsmanship skills characterize the work of the production workshops.