Tessera India unveils flagship 
store of Sicis India

Tessera India has unveiled an exclusive flagship store of Sicis in New Delhi. The Italian brand is renowned worldwide for its exquisite mosaic creations and elegant home collections that epitomize superior craftsmanship, design and technology.

The 4,500-sqft store entails an enchanting world of exquisite mosaic creations and perfectly crafted furniture and lights. Designed by Hiral Jobalia of Hiral Jobalia Studio, the store transports you to the magical world of Sicis in all its splendour.

The store was designed in close consultation with the Sicis Italy team to present their vast range of luxury products for floor and wall surfaces such as mosaic, stone inlays, glass, fabrics, etc., along with furniture, lighting, accessories, and more, in an experiential manner.

The store showcases all the Sicis products in an imaginative and aesthetic manner to demonstrate their unparalleled employment in an interior context. Thus, the design concept follows an “atelier living” with a live mock-up of an entire home from the living space – formal / informal, to dining, bar, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

The product selection, made in collaboration with the Sicis team, is specific to the Indian market. The grand and intricate flooring pattern Cosmati (Mandala pattern) is well balanced with the furniture pieces and subtle wall treatment. The Sicis Vetrite and Mosaic for wall panels, screens, and library units are showcased in a creative manner so that the architects/designers would understand their multiple applications.

The site posed some structural challenges because of multiple beams and columns in a very unusual manner, and low ceiling height. The store design took care to hide the columns and enhance the ceiling height by keeping it subtle in white PoP finish. The decorative lights from Sicis also came in handy. Apart from these, the store is illuminated with track lights and accent lights in a few areas. The Sicis aesthetic pervades the whole environment and the coveted made-in-Italy stamp is evident in the way the products are displayed.