Fima carlo frattini
FIMA Carlo Frattini has unveilled a chic showerhead—Melograno. Designed by Davide Vercelli, the Melograno showerhead is born from a happy union between FIMA Carlo Frattini and Melogranoblu, an interior lighting company whose creations are real light sets. Melograno comprises 10 blown glass spheres, satin or metalized, which evoke the shape of a drop of water, float inside the shower space suspended at different heights through silicone tubes covered with an elegant steel mesh. Connected above them is a ceiling disk that acts as both a water and light supply element. Here, in fact, there are three white light LED spotlights that illuminate the spheres giving life to suggestive reflections and intriguing plays of light.

The Melograno showerhead includes shapes in frosted blown glass, suspended, reflect the light in the environment and deliver 10 whirlpools of water for suggestive pleasure in the shower. The water supply covers a large and enveloping space.

Fima Carlo Frattini showerhead