Orientbell Tiles collaborates with Trezi for a holistic and immersive design experience

Orientbell Tiles, a reputed name amongst the tile manufacturers of the country, has announced its collaboration with Trezi, India’s first-ever immersive technology platform for the AEC industry. Bringing forward four decades of expertise and knowledge, Orientbell Tiles are now accessible digitally to designers through Trezi’s immersive platform. With this collaboration, Trezi offers a virtual experience and application platform for architects and designers to explore and utilize Orientbell products.

Product discovery, selection and application in design have been a costly, tedious and cumbersome process in the AEC industry. With multiple stakeholders involved and slow modification processes, in-person meetings and long site visits are unavoidable. Due to the pandemic, technology-based interventions have become crucial and this opportunity has to be utilized to find a future proof way forward.

With the help of immersive technology and Virtual Reality, Trezi offers virtual catalogues and product details for all of Orientbell products. These products can easily be incorporated into designs in real-time, and Trezi’s VR meeting feature makes collaborations efficient and communication effective, especially in these times of contactless selling. The collaboration also brings exciting offers for the clients of Trezi as well as Orientbell.

As one of the most professional and digitally savvy manufacturers of ceramic and vitrified tiles in the country, Orientbell Tiles constantly strives to innovate and set benchmarks for the industry. “Tiles as products have been evolving over the years with new technologies coming into the market. However, how these products are sold and applied in design hasn’t evolved much. Through this collaboration, we aim to revamp that. Our collaboration with Trezi further reaffirms our digital strong strategy. Our revamped online portal, as well as technologies like Quicklook, Samelook, Trialook, etc, have been steps to digitize and revolutionize the customer buying experience.” shares Alok Agarwal, CMO, Orientbell Tiles.

Trezi Showcase and Trezi lens offer collaborative solutions to building product manufacturers and architects, respectively. “With the addition of Orientbell and their products to our offerings, Trezi can provide real-time modifications and decision making to architects along with higher product discovery and enhanced product experience to building product manufacturers.” shares Gautam Tewari, co-creator of Trezi.