Priyanshu Singh

Honeywell's new smart building technology uses visualization and simple, intuitive interfaces to improve operations and business outcomes, besides providing effective facility and security management - all with a consumer touch

Honeywell (NYSE:HON) announces the next generation of smart building technology, Command and Control Suite, that turns complex facility data into recommendations and easy-to-implement changes that help boost business outcomes — lowering costs, minimizing risk and reducing downtime. By combining intelligent automation, advanced analytics and visualization with the simplified user experience of today's home and mobile electronics, the Suite links building automation and the enterprise. It can provide a holistic view of a connected building's video feeds, access control and fire alarms, in such a way that helps security personnel track occupants and make sure they exit the facility in the event of an evacuation, improving employee safety.

Guided by experts in the Honeywell Design Studio, all components of the Suite were built with the intuitive, consumer-friendly simplicity of tablets and smart phones, making the technology accessible to both a facility manager and chief operating officer. This is because, virtually anyone can understand and act on the insights that the command suite provides. For that matter, companies can improve business continuity and efficiency, and get a higher return on investment. A refined user experience helps reduce operator training and related expenses as well.

The Honeywell Command Wall, the core of the suite, features map-based visualization and navigation, along with integrated workflows and system-wide integration from a single, intuitive touch-screen interface. The Wall presents data from multiple systems across a facility, such as utility meters and temperature sensors, while providing context for more informed decision making. Using progressive disclosure, users can access an enterprise-wide view and also easily zoom into specific areas to quickly understand and react to issues and opportunities as they arise.

"A building's intelligence is largely influenced by those who operate it and can make the changes necessary to improve the performance," said Mr. Priyanshu Singh, Country Manager at Honeywell Building Solutions, India Operations. "So, enhancing the user experience is imperative. It allows organizations to extract the most value from their technology investment. Like today's ubiquitous tablet and mobile devices, Command Wall makes connecting with information and others fast and simple," he elaborated.

A supplement to the Command Wall is Incident Workflow, which guides users step by step through scripted responses to security incidents and other emergencies, helping further reduce risk and improving accuracy in mitigating issues. In addition, Enterprise Dashboards extend the suite's real-time visualisation by presenting detailed energy data and actionable guidance to help control consumption and boost efficiency.

Command and Control Suite technologies integrate with Honeywell's flagship building management platform, Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), which helps facilitate the integration of security, comfort, life safety and energy systems, among other functions. EBI gives users a single point of access and consistent view to information and resources that enhance the ability to monitor, manage, and protect a facility, campus or multi-site operation.

The Command Wall with Incident Workflow and Enterprise Dashboards will be available in the second quarter of 2015.