Green Roof Solution
Rectigro, a subsidiary of Europe's biggest manufacturer of polyurethane foam 'Recticel, launches a completely new solution for green roofs 'Polygrow®'. This unique product is polyurethane foam which is hydrophilic, very light and easy to install.

Today, more cities look like concrete jungles: new streets and houses are built, solving the problem of missing housing space and increasing traffic. This leads to high CO² emissions, flooding, noise and the heat island effect. Green roofs are an excellent alternative to counteract these environmental problems.

Basically developed as substrate for the horticultural sector Polygrow® has already been running its course since 2005. In cooperation with a substrate company and more than 50 growers around the world, this product had been customized to the needs of this branch. Tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and eggplants can be cultivated perfectly on Polygrow®.

But innovation is the key driver of each business. And thus, Rectigro continued in the development of Polygrow® with the focus on green roofs. In Kesteren (The Netherlands), Rectigro installed a 2,000 m² green roof on top of its own production facilities. Different build-ups, materials and plants had been tested to find out the best characteristics for this application.

Today, Polygrow® is available in two varieties. PG D1 is used as substrate layer in combination with traditional multi-layer green roof systems. PG D2 combines the advantages of these systems: it works as water buffer, substrate and drainage in one – a uniqueness in green roofing. This product is easy to install, very light and stable in shape. With its huge water buffering capacity, its thermal and acoustic insulation and its flexibility in shape, Polygrow® might revolutionize the total branch. Especially for individuals, it is now possible to install their own green oasis in an easy way.

But Polygrow® also offers great opportunities for architects and landscapers to create several shapes like waves, pitching or the combination with seating furniture. The diversity of Polygrow® is almost unlimited.