Purelogic Labs' real time pollution monitoring system AQI India, detects and reports invisible air particulate in the environment, noise pollution and humidity levels. Rohit Bansal, Director, Purelogic Labs, says that the company's aim is to create awareness of polluting sources such that the people feel encouraged to take responsibility of their environment.

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What is AQI India?

AQI India is the country's first private Air Monitoring initiative launched by Purelogic Lab. This comprehensive platform detects and reports invisible air particulate as small as PM2.5, PM 10, temperature, humidity level along with noise pollution in a locality, through sensors. One can also view various air pollutants and their percentage present in the air on our dashboard, which provides real-time data along with historical data up to one month so that one can compare a good AQI and a bad AQI in an area. With the help of our live streaming cameras placed in New Delhi, Bangalore, and Aizawl, one can see the difference of the AQI in these cities.

Rohit Bansal

It has become imperative to identify and mitigate air pollution. AQI India aims to provide better air quality solutions, and in this endeavour, the self-funded company is installing pollution sensors free of charge at strategic locations across the country, which will provide real-time streaming of air quality index, and create awareness of the pollutants.

Rohit Bansal

We have already installed 300 outdoor sensors including few live sensors across the country and will increase the number to 500 soon. In association with the Council of Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), 50 monitoring sensors have been deployed in various districts of Punjab to keep track of crop burning. The platform can be accessed at www.aqi.in

How does the system work?

AQI India, through its intelligent algorithms and high precision pollution detection sensors, captures every miniscule air particle to publish highly accurate readings. The pre-configured sensor incorporates a GSM card and can save historic data up to one year. This will facilitate informative comparisons for analysis of the air quality. Along with AQI and noise reading, the platform also provides live feeds for PM2.5, PM10, humidity and temperature.

The data will help fuel further research in identifying and understanding sources of pollution and devising ways to better manage them. AQI India will publish the critical information for alerting and informing the citizens on pollution scenarios. More features are being introduced on the platform and will be rolled out in a phased manner, including mobile application for android and iOS.

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Currently, we are designing two separate products under Purelogic Labs: AQI India and Prana Air. AQI India is going to be the first reliable private air quality monitoring platform which records data showing the quality of the air you are breathing. On the other hand, Prana Air is the solution provider to ensure people are breathing pure clean air.

What other solutions do you suggest for improving air quality?

We plan to educate everyone about the pollution in the country and provide real-time air quality information so that people will begin to take responsibility of their environment. A simple gesture like reducing energy consumption, banning use of plastic, burning waste in the open, encouraging eco-friendly products, imbibing the habit of public transportation, etc, will help reduce our carbon footprint.