Anuj Dhir

Anuj Dhir, VP & Business Head, Wipro Commercial Lighting Business
Design & Innovation and cutting-edge work is happening on new products and new technologies. Our newly launched Internet of Lighting (IoL)® solutions for Smart & Connected indoor & outdoor lighting is our first step towards offering customers the best lighting solutions.

IoL® will deliver the following benefits for Smart Buildings: Power on Ethernet (PoE) leading to savings up to 65%; proactive maintenance, space optimization, ease of deployment because of single network cable, enhanced safety as no power wiring is used, and enhanced employee productivity and well-being by better control of light colour and intensity. LiFi will enable ease of data transfer through light waves, resulting in speeds up to 10 times higher than wifi speeds and higher security of data transfer, avoiding data breach.
With the emergence of IoT and Big Data, Smart and Connected digital lighting-based solutions are the way forward as they will bring in intelligence and functionality into lighting systems, enhance user experience, and deliver the desired outcomes for customers

Going forward, we feel that the lighting landscape will change. Lighting will be driven by technology and it will enable buildings and cities to become smarter. Lighting Industry will play an important role in the government Initiative on Smart Cities.

The company has collaborated with Cisco for Power on Ethernet (PoE) and Human Centric Lighting for enabling improvement in workspace productivity and enhanced employee well-being. Its partnership with pureLi-Fi, Scotland, will deliver high speed and secure data transmission through LED luminaires.

Wipro Lighting is geared up to provide complete lighting infrastructure for the upcoming Smart Cities. Its alliances with International Technology companies will usher a new revolution in work-lives.

Wipro's wide range of LEDs are seeing application in modern workspaces, industries, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical firms, roads & highways, and landscapes, and it has demonstrated its intelligent and connected outdoor lighting capabilities for improved public safety and comfort. Indoor lighting includes the international RED DOT award winning VergeLED, and the newly launched OpusLED downlighters and sensors. The company offers best-in-class performance-based industrial lighting solutions for enhanced productivity and safety.