Lighting makes a room come alive by accentuating its details; with the right lighting, one can accentuate the interiors, architecture or décor of a space, as well-placed lighting can create depths, heights and cozy spots. Vikas Gandhi, President & Business Head – Lighting (Tisva), Premium Fans & Water Solutions Business, Usha International, shares some interior lighting ideas that range from the minimalist to the expansive

Walking the Straight Line: Made up of long lines and simplified silhouettes, linear lighting fixtures are elegant and contemporary in their design. Their minimalistic, simplified look is a refreshing change. Linear lighting offers the perfect scale for dining rooms, for example, in the form of a single pendant light over rectangular tables or long kitchen islands. Such lighting solutions provide a more seamless look as they require just one lighting fixture to light up the space.

Interior Makeover With Lighting

The Best of Nature: Lamps made of natural textures such as wood, rattan, natural fabrics, etc. give a room the boho-chic look. Such fixtures can be placed in any room as pendants in kitchen entryways, bedside lamps, wall lights above the bed, in the porch, etc.

Living Life King Size: For those who want to live life king size, it’s time to go bold with oversized and larger-than-life, unique statement pieces that draw attention instantly. This is one trend we are sure will see a boom, and this could, in part, also be attributed to the fact that people want some drama in their lives after the stay-at-home boredom. We expect to see more and more people gravitate towards lights that are sculptural and abstract in their design, in bold colors, metal or glass. These can be incorporated in the form of a geometric chandelier or a floral masterpiece, placed in the living room, or even a corner of the master bedroom which has a sitting area, adding a sense of opulence and expansiveness.
Vikas Gandhi, President & Business Head – Lighting (Tisva)
Lighting is one of the most integral parts of interior décor that, when customized, adds a personalized touch to a home, and when done right, can transform a space. That lighting influences feelings and moods is now proven by science

Vikas Gandhi

Upping the Q-Quotient: Consumers are increasingly embracing unusual interior design accents to infuse a sense of quirky and whimsy into their homes. Creating unexpected mix-n-matches and eccentric patterns of light can add the unconventional personal style. There is a wide variety of interesting light fixtures available if you like to go big on the quirk-quotient – big floral designs, dangling everyday objects with LED lights, retro camera-style lights, etc.

Colour Me Right: As seasons change, so should lighting in order to transform a room. Which type of lighting and the placement of each is what can make or break a room’s aura. Lighting done well can make a small room in the winter seem very spacious yet cozy, and make a big room seem cool and contained during summers. Lighting can be adjusted throughout the year in sync with the natural light. In the winter, when there is less natural light, one needs to brighten up the corners of a room that tend to drown in the darkness. A floor lamp or table lamps placed on corner tables will light up these areas, making the whole room feel warmer and larger. Another way to change your lighting with seasons is to incorporate tunable and dimmable lights, or those with color-temperature changing ability. One can avoid excessive glare during the summer months by toning down the intensity of a light fixture and vice-verse during winters.