Residential and commercial projects
The world that we design today will largely impact the society that our future generations will get to experience; this should be reason enough to adopt sustainable and ecological practices.

Naval Mahajan - Director, Trinity Green Estates

Residential and commercial projects, which occupy a major segment of the built industry, have to be synthesized such that even if they do not aid to improve the environment; they should not lead to worsening of the scenario. Else, upcoming generations will be left with no part of the beautiful world that we are getting to experience.

If we specifically speak of monetary savings, the calculation is different for residential and commercial projects. In commercial projects, when we inculcate a sustainable system, as a developer, we directly benefit from it in the long run. It is a known fact that the installation process of a solar panel system might cost a bit more; but the benefits make it worth it. Where residential projects are concerned, the residents also get to benefit from the energy and money saved behind large electricity bills; as much as us. Having said so, the primary users and residents also have a responsibility to maintain these systems efficiently, because in the end, everyone stands to gain.

Residential and commercial projects

As a developer of a Smart City, we aim to introduce a host of eco-friendly techniques. From utilizing naturally available energy resources, to installing glass surfaces that help maintain the temperature of indoor spaces, we have attempted to use it all. However, as technology advances, new techniques continue to be released into the market. From efficient roofing and tiling systems to energy-saving building systems, there is so much yet to do. It might take a while for these ideas to percolate and take form, but we will surely get there.