Trends 2019

"Future of the building material industry is very optimistic, especially for safe and environment-friendly products," says Ashwin Reddy, Director, Aparna Enterprises, while giving a perspective on the construction activities in the real estate sector
Ashwin Reddy
Demand for energy-efficient, environment-friendly, sturdy, light and safe products will continue to be strong

Ashwin Reddy

According to industry estimates, the building material industry is currently valued at $126 billion, employing around 40 million people and contributing 8% of the country's GDP. The construction industry ranks third in terms of direct, indirect and induced effects in major sectors of the economy thereby playing a crucial role in the economic growth of the nation. It is believed to be one of the promising sectors where 100% FDI under automatic route is permitted in completed projects for operations and management of townships, malls / shopping complexes, and business constructions, and 100% FDI is also allowed under the automatic route for urban infrastructure such as urban transport, water supply, sewerage and sewage treatment.

uPVC Doors

With the government's highly ambitious 'Housing for All 2022' agenda and 'Smart City' campaign, the future of the building material industry is very optimistic. The focus is and will continue to be towards trendy, safe and environment friendly products.

Some key trends in building materials:

uPVC will continue to be in demand for windows and doors

As people are becoming environmentally conscious, more and more consumers are opting for uPVC as their preferred material for windows and doors. uPVC products withstand the test of time and extreme weather conditions, are resistant to fire, water, wind, and rotting, and are absolutely lead-free.

An additional advantage is their sealing properties: uPVC doors and windows also come with multi-point locking systems, which make them very effective in sound and water insulation, thereby making it a better material when compared to wood and aluminum. As this material is fully recyclable, it is sustainable and even the waste generated while making these profiles can be recycled. A combination of windows and villa windows are expected to be in trend next year as there is an increased demand for big ventilation for both residential and commercial buildings.

uPVC windows

GVT and PGVT tiles to drive demand for tile industry

GVT and PGVT tiles are expected to be in vogue in 2019 as these tiles offer a premium look, feel and the required toughness. The traditional stone look and textures such as Wood, Fabric and Metallic are expected to gain popularity. Warm colours, high variations and grey lead will be the most preferred shades amongst buyers. In terms of tile size, while people have always preferred large tiles, 2019 will witness the rise of non-traditional tiles such as Herrington Bone patterns and Geometric shapes such as hexagonal tiles.

Ready Mix Concrete and crushed rock fines /Metal Chips will be in demand

With major infrastructure developments in the pipeline under the Housing for All 2022 and the Smart City plans, and the government's vision to connect all small and large cities by strengthening air, rail and water connectivity, the demand for building materials like Ready Mix Concrete, Cement and Crushed rock fines is expected to rise by 10-15% in the next calendar year. Consolidation in the Real Estate industry and forecasted launch of new residential and commercial projects in developed and emerging markets is also expected to drive demand for RMC and Road and Building materials.


As we are gearing up for the new year, the Indian building material industry is expected to remain buoyant. With the government's emphasis on creating world-class infrastructure in the country, the sector is expected to witness significant interest from international investors as well.

Hill Interiors

With each passing year, new technologies are implemented, and new trends are adopted in office spaces around the world. This constantly changing landscape leads to new and exciting office design opportunities and workplace experimentation. The world of workplace design, which was ripe with change in 2018, will see office optimization to increase exponentially in 2019 and beyond. Some of the office design trends emerging this year will be as follows:
Rahul Bhatt
Office design has never played a more integral role in the success of a business as it does today

Rahul Bhatt, MD, Cherry Hill Interiors

Experience-Driven Spaces These are highlighted by employee-focused and specialized enhancements aimed at developing overall wellness, cultivating happiness, community-building, and boosting morale for everyone from interns to top-floor executives. These Experience-Driven Spaces include (but are not limited to) features such as Meditation areas, Yoga studios, walking / jogging trails, Espresso and cocktail bars, Game rooms and virtual reality gaming spaces, Gym, and salon facilities.

Free-Range Cohabitation Spaces Traditional co-working spaces, popularized by tech start-ups, bring multiple companies under one roof. The various entities operate separately and often remain closed off from one another. In the new cohabitation spaces, the walls are coming down and allowing companies to share the same space, resources, and sometimes, even talent. All the core features of the design are aimed at of maximizing collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and promoting innovative ideas.

Hill Interiors

Characteristics of the cohabitation space include Open plan office design, Dynamic, multi-use meeting areas, Technology resource spaces, Unconventional creative spaces, plants and greenery, Portable green wall dividers, Lightweight, mobile furniture, plenty of desk space / no cubicles, comfortable couches and chairs, coffee and espresso bars.

Old Meets New These 'Old Meets New' spaces often balance the ageless features of the old buildings with modern furniture and decor. Cutting-edge technological expressions and rough, worn, sturdy aesthetic combined with innovative yet unconventional spaces, creates a design that moves effortlessly into the future while maintaining its inherent connection to the past.

The Old Meets New design features include Antique and weathered textures, Smooth and soft textures, Old-world craftsmanship, Modern design accents, Glass and Metals, Carpet or wall coverings with abstract designs, Modern furniture and Office equipment.

Hill Interiors

Futuristic Influences Are Mainstream We can expect to see more of increasingly sophisticated integration of technology into the workspace in the coming future. It is hard to predict what forms this technology will take, but it will be both innovative and responsive to the needs of the workforce. Futuristic patterns, colors and ideas are about to dominate the design world for the next few years.

MADS Creations

Meenu Agarwal
If you have longed for the antique look, now is your chance to indulge in it

Meenu Agarwal, Founder MADS Creations

Mads Creation
Spiced Honey or Baguette or El Caramelo, a deep amber, is the trending colour for 2019. The colour spreads warmth and is versatile in complementing metal finishes and various colour schemes. It's a classical choice that transcends seasons. El Caramelo can strike the right balance when used for accents. It can give walls a face lift, but keep the furniture with white under tones and some definition of deep blues and blacks around the corner. Another good way to use it as an accent on chairs, accessories, carpets, etc.

Toffee and Pressed Rose are also among the trending shades. Pastels like Pressed Rose are ideal for personal spaces such as bedrooms. To introduce the trending shade, have Spiced Honey throws on the sofa, along with cushions with prints or textures, and curtains with similar colour sheers.

The retro furniture is mostly made out of wood and has an unfinished antique look. With selected polishes of smoked oak, these pieces can seamlessly complement your home. Complete the picture with an abstract painting or an irregular shaped mirror.

Indo Innovations

Nidhi Aggarwal
Offices, nowadays, are a blend of open spaces and private places with fewer disturbances, and owners want a trendy look along with comfort for the employees

Nidhi Aggarwal, Executive Director, Indo Innovations

The office arena is expanding, and considerable growth is being witnessed in the open office arrangement. This is giving rise to demand for lightweight yet durable furniture materials and styles. More use of acoustic materials is also expected to increase. The trend of multi-purpose furniture is also on the rise as flexible and all-purpose furniture pieces make it easier for the office to conduct long hours of business meetings.


Furniture materials and designs will see increasing use of wood, MDF, particle board, metal, fabric and a mix of materials, for example, a wooden table might have prelaminated particle/MDF board, metal/wooden legs, or a chair with a nylon base, fabric or mesh seat and so on. Furnishing in a wide range from leather and leatherette to mesh and fabric. New furniture designs will see veneers to MDF tables, fabric pin-ups to magnetic boards and glass writing boards, and a lot of acoustic materials.

Beyond Designs

Sachin Gupta
Western classic style with all its details and layers is in, minimalism is going out

Sachin Gupta, Beyond Designs

Indian contemporary art is something that will never go out of style. Even traditional art with modern or contemporary frames, or large, out of the ordinary frames, repeated patterns of art works or photographs are always in. Going quirky with the art is another way of introducing a surprise element.

Neo-classic or vintage classic is very much in vogue. This is something I have been doing for a long time – contemporarising classic or vintage pieces is my forte. Wing chairs, winged beds and deep sofas in chesterfield style… are all back in fashion. Pair these with modern furniture to create a wonderful fusion.

Beyond Designs

Table lamps, candle stands, glassware are the smaller accents that you can choose to create eclectism. Apart from that, a signature console or a piece of furniture, a wall paneled in wood or embossed leather, dressed up ceilings with fabric cladding or gothic structures, can also act as great accessories.

Where colour scheme is concerned, my style is to keep the surfaces and backgrounds neutral with trendy shades of mushroom, deep grey, soft charcoal, pale blue, etc, and then use pop out colours for furniture, accessories, art works and such. The colours of the accessories can either complement or contrast the background. A few touches of bright shades and metallic sheen create interest.

Kohli Home

Nitin Kohli
Only the highest attention to details and impeccable craftsmanship can result in bespoke, signature furniture

Nitin Kohli, Founder, Nitin Kohli Home

The sofa in 2019 will showcase a radical and experimental silhouette and form. With contemporary colour tones and finishes, and avant garde style, it will look even more refreshing and supremely comfortable. Rounded contours and the soft and embracing shapes will give sofas an inviting vibe, offset by fluffy, over-flowing soft cushioned arms and backrest, to enhance a semi-formal modern set-up.

Mariana Sofa

The daybed in 2019 embraces a more classical style. Dining chairs are a fine fusion of the modern and classical, the rich fabrics lending them a majestic touch. The dining chair with cantilevered legs and arms of authority will effortlessly bring a classical appeal. Contemporary chairs for accent, and chesterfield ottomans with modern lines upholstered in shades of the season such as salmon pink, will be a trend.

Resaiki Interiors

Kuntal Vyas Aggarwal
Three building materials on my list are Concrete for interior flooring, Corian for countertops and décor, and Mild steel for furnishing

Kuntal Vyas Aggarwal, Founder & Design Head, Resaiki Interiors

Multi-functional, smart and compact furnishings will trend as more and more people gravitate towards urban dwellings and offices that are small in scale. Another trend making a comeback is antique and vintage furniture blended into interiors of modern residences, giving a rustic yet elegant feel. However, the need of the hour is sustainability with use of natural and upcycled building materials, and the trend is here to stay. Designing interiors involves developing a comfortable yet trendy space which is durable as well.


In interior building materials, we will see exposed natural wood and scrap wood pieces not just for furnishings but also for wall and ceilings panels; granite, marble, natural and engineered stone for surfaces. The next big trend undoubtedly will be Terrazzo - a composite material consisting of small chips of granite, marble, quartz and glass that evoke a playful, confetti-like abstract spirit to walls and floorings.

RK Associates

Kapil Desai
Composing a living ambiance that uses not only trendy and aesthetic materials but also ones that can be recycled and used repeatedly is not just a preference, but also a responsibility

Ar. Kapil Desai, RK Associates

Without contradicting the two human desires: the aspiration for artistic, luxurious and stylish expression and the admiration for nature and organic tactile sensations, upcoming trends will see movable and transforming furniture compositions, recyclable and natural materials, and of course the small urban spaces design ideas with their multifunctional and smart forms. In other words, everything that keeps the high artistic standards in harmonious interaction with nature.

RK Associates

Interior building materials I see trending:
Antique and vintage furniture pieces combined with modern design

Crafted pieces

Exposed natural wood

Colored appliances in black and white will replace greys

Gold, textured cabinets

Plants, plants and more plants!

Building materials on my list:
Natural stones, granite

Exposed concrete with rustic finish

Natural teakwood with grains texture

Flashy printed upholstery.

Chromed Design Studio

Abhigyan Neogi
Terrazzo flooring is extremely versatile as it can be used in various applications, designs and permutations. Decorative foam concrete blocks create intricate wall elements that are also very durable. Terracotta brings in a subtle touch of ethnicity and infuses simple charm and beauty into interiors.

Ar. Abhigyan Neogi, Chromed Design Studio

Designing in the hospitality sector is directed towards creating an ambiance of luxury, comfort and efficiency. In restaurants, the selection of an apt and unique theme or ideology will become more and more crucial. The gastronomical delights will be presented in unusual yet relatable formats. Innovation and uniqueness will be the key. Be it the Mumbai Chawl theme we followed in Cyberhub Social or incorporating India's first rotating bar in Whiskey Bar, innovation has always been our prime motive. Attention to details is also an intrinsic part of every design concept as it brings out the finer facets of interior design.

Chromed Design Studio

Colab Company

Hinen Saloni
Lighter visual and aesthetic forms of décor that complement the new-age traditional spaces, will make a rejuvenating statement in homes that will be curated in 2019, while workspaces will see creations that emanate a more eased out aesthetic and sensibility of space.

Hiren Ganatra & Saloni Ganatra, Founders, ColabCompany

In homes, we see a refreshing return to the traditional and vintage facets of design. Clients are seeming to lean towards cozier and intricately designed abodes. There's a movement away from the concepts of stark Industrial Design language of spaces of the recent past. Block prints, Kalamkari and Ikat are just a few popular fabric genres that embellish the Indian Textile market and can be incorporated in a minimalistic fashion in the stylizing of spaces.


In the design of offices, we will see a conceptualization of more open floorplan spaces that have clean layouts and break the structured hierarchy of spaces, that are creatively stimulating in order to amplify a sense of productivity and comfort in the work sphere. Three building materials on our list are Cement Flooring, Printed Cement Tiles and Local Marble.

AND Studio

Love Choudhary
Euroceil stretch ceilings are gaining popularity due to their flexibility and finished look. Another revolutionary and rather adaptable material is the ETFE. I look forward to utilizing it and exploring its functionality, especially as a roofing membrane. Porous concrete is another singular material, primarily because of it being sustainable and lightweight.

Ar. Love Choudhary, AND Studio


A minimalist approach in hospitality interiors, a subtle integration of design elements, and creating a morphogenesis of the external environ with the interiors are making the spaces more relatable to guests. The interiors should exhibit a sense of openness with a sprinkling of green elements, and infusion daylighting alongside artificial installations.


Nexusplus Consultants

Peeyush Gitanjali Srivastava
We believe in embracing newness and optimism with appropriate size of furniture, muted colours, textures and prints. Materials on our list include Century veneers and laminates, Glo MDF wave boards and MDF jaali, Asian Paints, Philips LEDs, furniture from Style Spa and Pepperfry.

Ar. Peeyush Srivastava & Interior Designer Gitanjali Srivastava, Nexusplus Consultants

When crafting a home, trend will be moving towards fresh, natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite, which bring an organic and serene ambience to any space. For this year, we are expecting to see more copper accents along with a mixture of other metals. Copper's earthy red and orange tones and warm brass will be subtle alternatives to the expected steel accents. Warmer tones and tonal reds add contrast while providing a sense of warmth in homes.

Nexusplus Consultants

Though muted colors avoid making spaces feel overwhelming, designers believe that 2019 will be a year of bolder colors and richer hues that will pop up muted furnishings. Geometric, asymmetrical bold patterns, vintage lighting, statement furniture pieces and bold textures will bring comfort as people want soul and grounding in their homes, with artefacts that may even tell a story.

Ar. Reza Kabul ARK Reza Kabul Architects

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Ar. Parul Zaveri Abhikram

I believe that ‘architectural style’ should be a response to the various climatic zones in context of India, to be designed according to clients’ personalities and project needs. Each place has a plethora of creative solutions, that have evolved using local resources and techniques, which constitute the part of our architectural knowledge. It is necessary to achieve a balance between continuity and desirable change, without fossilizing the past, and without making the change incongruent with... Read More ...

Ar. Reza Kabul ARK Reza Kabul Architects

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Ar. Lalichan Zacharias Atelier

My approach to design is simple and open. I start my design with two guiding factors: the requirements and the site. I would like to see the building grow from the site naturally while fulfilling the requirements. I try to keep it extremely simple and responding to the climate. Integration of nature in the built form is always given importance.  Round Chapel Kalamassery Ar. Geoffrey Bawa’s works have always inspired me. Another aspect which influence my design is the sociological aspect of it.... Read More ...

Ar. Sourabh Gupta Archohm

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Ar. Jay Shah Access Architects

Architectural style is characterized by the feature that makes a building structure notable and visibly identifiable. Every architect has a specific style and I would call mine “form follows function” as was the thought of Architect Louis Sullivan. However, my style of architecture is not confined to one kind since every client is different, every project is unique, every plot is diverse, and every functionality brief is exclusive. So, any one style of architecture doesn’t work as the design... Read More ...

Ar. Dinesh Verma Ace Group Architects

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Ar. Alfaz Miller & Aahana Miller ABM Architects

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Ar. Ahmed Shaikh Ahmed & Associates

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Ar. Shobhan Kothari & Ar. Anand Menon ADND & KdnD Studio

We constantly strive for simplicity of form and design. Our architectural style is a minimalistic interplay of lines, planes and volumes. We believe that beauty lies in the ability of a design to be explained through a few lines. We constantly explore the power of lines and their ability to shape space. We work intuitively to create spaces that are episodal and spatially engaging. The core aspects of scale and proportion in design are constantly debated upon to arrive at spaces that balance... Read More ...

Ar. Arpan Johari AW Design

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