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Viney B. Aggarwal & Ashok K. Gupta, Directors at Diplast Plastics Ltd, give reasons why CPVC Piping Systems are the most popular across the world and why Rigid PVC Pipes can last for five decades

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe (commonly referred to as CPVC pipes) is the most commonly used piping for plumbing in residential and commercial buildings. Made of highly durable thermoplastic, CPVC has remained popular for over 5 decades, more so than metal, copper and other alternative piping systems.

Viney B. Aggarwal and Ashok K. Gupta

We believe that CPVC pipes are a very good replacement for GI Pipes as CPVC is a very versatile material. We have collaborated with Konica of Japan for supply of the raw material and manufacturing technology for this product

Viney B. Aggarwal & Ashok K. Gupta

CPVC piping systems are the choice of builders since they are very durable and can withstand corrosive water temperatures between 70°F and 90°F higher than PVC pipes, which makes them safe for carrying hot water, drinking water and industrial liquids, gas, and oil. They are also fire resistant, which makes them suitable for fire suppression systems in light hazard settings such as residences.

Diplast Pipes
Plumbers prefer to install CPVC pipes because of their easy handling and the jointing of the pipe and fitting with solvent cement does not take much time. Being lightweight, they reduce transportation, handling and installation costs.There is no corrosion, leaching of chemicals, scale build-up of residues or bacteria because of their smooth surface. Because of their lower thermal conductivity, there are low chances of thermal conductivity; the outside temperature will have less effect on the temperature of the water passing through the pipe. They are tough and reliable and do not cause toxicity or odour, and suitable for use up to 93o C.

CPVC pipes are not affected by chlorine in the water, making them the most preferred material for hot and cold potable water distribution in buildings of all types - residential (low and high rise), commercial complexes and institutes. Homeowners and businesses prefer CPVC because the pipes are energy efficient and anti-rusting, which makes them cost-effective, plus their operational life is a minimum 50 years. The cost of the CPVC pipes and fittings is almost half that of GI pipes used for plumbing. The best part is that CPVC does not require any major maintenance unless there is a contamination in the water and water deposits in the pipes, which would require cleaning.

As a 47-year old ISO 9001-2015 certified company and a well-known supplier of CPVC pipes and Rigid PVC conduit pipes, we have a deep understanding of market requirements for plumbing solutions. We have been manufacturing Rigid PVC conduit pipes since 1972, and today, they comprise 60% of our overall sales. Rigid PVC Pipes have a very long life and if installed properly, they can last for more than 50 years. Maintenance is required only when the water quality is not good and there are some deposits in pipes or tanks, which can be taken care of by regular cleaning.

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We also make PVC Pressure Pipes, Sanitary Pipes, and have recently introduced Compost Bins to drive the message of segregation of waste with our green bins for wet waste and blue bins for dry waste.

We have three plants located in Mohali, Lalru and Barma Papri in H.P. all of which are equipped with 20 extruders and 3 Roto Moulding Machines for manufacturing Rigid PVC Pipes and Water Storage Tanks with an annual input of approx 12,000 tons of PVC and LLDP materials. The units are ISO 9001-2015 certified for in-process quality control; the PVC and Water Storage Tanks are ISI marked, and we strictly follow BIS quality standards.

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Our important clients include Military Engineering Services (MES), Chandigarh Housing Board, Punjab Urban Development Authority (PUDA), P.G.I Chandigarh, Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh, Army Welfare Housing Organization, Omaxe Ltd., New Delhi, JLPL, Mohali, GILCO, Kharar and many others. We are also registered on GEM for government purchases and are getting orders from various government departments. However, we have maximum sales in the private sector as our Diplast brand is a renowned name in the marketplace.
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