Howard L, Asia Business Director, Rhinox, introduces world-patented technology Triple (VV) Press Fittings, which are known for safe and reliable piping solutions, besides durability and cost-effectiveness with minimum repair and maintenance

In the current era, people are aware of the drawbacks of PVC and plastic pipes and are looking for ways to overcome the shortcomings by switching to stainless steel pipes. However, in the process, the first step to be considered is that there should be a firm and strong connection between the pipes. In the early days, people used brazing to connect pipes, which cost them time, money, and training of the workers.
Howard L, Asia Business Director, Rhinox
Rhinox has entered the Indian market with its advanced technology and assured safety to help plumbers, architects, and consumers looking to complete their projects in a time-saving and cost-effective way

Howard L

Rhinox, manufacturer of stainless-steel pipes and press fittings, is offering a world patented technology Triple VV Press Fittings. With Rhinox stainless steel press fittings, connections can be completed in a fraction of a second and the pipe laying process becomes easy and free. Press accessories improve work safety and precision.

Rhinox: Making Connections Strong

The triple press-fitted part is composed of double O-ring, V-groove and 5-level press-fitting – a special profile made by Rhinox. Its advantage is that even if the fitting is accidentally left unpressed, the sealing with the lump allows the outflow of water, which further specifies the unpressed location. Other benefits of press fittings include durability, cost-effectiveness, minimized repair and maintenance.

There are various factors like no water hammer damage, tensile strength, double sealing insurance, strong impact, and greater weight, which make press fittings an absolute choice among architects, plumbers, and consumers. The most significant feature is that press fittings are manufactured using the best quality 316L stainless steel. These pipes have undergone high pressure testing, NSF drinking water testing, and lead-free testing in the United States and Europe.

As a prestigious company and brand, we at Rhinox ensure quality and transparency to our customers. The entire vision and mission of the company is to provide reliability, capability, and customized solutions. We focus on providing high-quality press fittings, and innovative solutions for various industries and applications. Rhinox installation systems include compressed lines, solar water heating, cold and hot water pipes, and OEM applications.