Contact-Free & Water-Efficient

Maintaining proper hygiene has become even more important in order to contain the spread of any disease-causing virus or bacteria. This is driving sanitaryware brands to introduce products that are touchless and backed by cutting-edge technology to provide optimum safety in homes, offices, and in public spaces such as restaurants, gyms, and other institutions, besides being water-efficient

Hafele - sensor-operated Sanitizer Dispenser

Hafele has introduced a sensor-operated Sanitizer Dispenser for counter tops that allows preventive hygiene and protection against cross contamination, harmful microbes, and infectious viruses on surfaces. The stay-heathy top dispensers by Hafele can be customized to include the name and logo of any corporate brand. The battery-operated, 1000ml dispense allows complete placement flexibility, and the disinfectant in the dispenser is of the highest quality, procured from WHO GMP approved sources. It has a matt stainless finish and comes in two versions: without customization of LED back-lit brand logo in size 305 x 140 x 465 mm and with customization of LED back-lit brand logo in size 305 x 140 x 508 mm.

anti-bacterial wipes dispenser
Hafele’s sensor-operated Floor-Standing Dispenser offers complete placement flexibility and is equipped with an anti-bacterial wipes dispenser to disinfect surfaces prior to use. The liquid disinfectant and anti-bacterial wipes in the dispenser are of the highest quality, procured from WHO GMP approved sources. It is available in various types and capacities, and in finishes such as matt stainless steel and laminated wood.

POJIALI of Taiwan has developed a device that makes it easy for people to get clean water every time. It is offering its latest built-in filter faucets for the bathroom and kitchen that can filter out 99.9% of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms in water. The faucets are fitted with a hollow filtration membrane and a de-chlorination ball filter. The flow rate is more than 7 liters per minute. The faucets are made of a special material - Molong PVDF - and have a patented stylish design. The asymmetrical stylish structure is made of heat-resistant material that does not allow accumulation of impurities.

Automatic Soap and Senitizer Dispenser
Graffoer’s advanced safety powered touchless range with cutting-edge technology allows hand-free accessibility and easy to operate mechanism. The Automatic Sensor Faucets for basins are designed with an intelligent computerized mechanism to eliminate water wastage by 70%. The water flushes out and stops automatically without any physical contact with the body of the faucet. This helps in avoiding the transfer of virus and other bacteria’s as well. The high-quality touch-less range comes with product warranty and offers maximum safety.

The Pedal control tap for basins is foot-controlled and an ideal alternative for manual taps in public places and can be easily installed in conventional basins. The Automatic Soap/Sanitizer dispensers are battery-operated and ensure around 20,000 dispensing rounds with a single battery. The dispenser tank can store 500ml of soap/sanitizer and can be easily operated by placing hands beneath it.

Says Vinay Jain, Founder & CEO, Grafdoer, “Our customer’s safety needs are our priority. Given the current pandemic scenario, our new line of touch-less series is designed to provide utmost safety and hygiene by eliminating the need for touching the surfaces. We are focused on maintaining sustainability in our products to help people stay healthy and safe at their homes or workplaces and are working 24/7 to cope with the new market demand for sensor technologies as this non-contact lifestyle will be the #NewNormal.”

LIXIL has introduced the SATO Tap - a novel handwashing station that aims to improve hygiene for millions in developing countries. Developed to be affordable and attractive for low-income households, it allows use anywhere, even without access to running water. The SATO Tap consists of a plastic base with a nozzle that can be fitted with widely available plastic bottles. It is compact and can be used both within the home and as a handwashing station at public facilities. The unique tap design ensures low contact, while the trickle action minimizes water use, meaning fewer refills.

According to Daigo Ishiyama, Chief Technology and Marketing Officer, SATO, handwashing with soap is one of the cheapest, most effective ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. “Our solution is affordable and reliable, easy to produce and transport, effortless for children to use, as well as water-saving to minimize the frequency of the refill. This is because the SATO Tap design relies only on the characteristics of water and gravity to create a simple on-and-off mechanism.” The first SATO Taps will be manufactured in India, and will be available for partners in September 2020, with ramp up of production and retail availability through early 2021.

TruFlush FlushometerTruFlush Flushometer
Sloan India is offering numerous touchless bathroom and sanitaryware products, such as integrated sinks, hand dryers, faucets, flushometers, urinals and allied washroom items. In the AER-DEC® Integrated Sink, for instance, the sensor activated soap dispenser, faucet, hand dryer, and sink basin are designed to work together as a touch-free, hygienic, and an efficient system. AER-DEC eliminates the need for paper towels and reduces maintenance, saving up to 95% in operation costs. A range of flow rates brings varied user experience and water conservation.

The company’s TruFlush is an innovative flushometer designed to meet the needs of the Indian market. With high-efficiency flush volumes, it delivers the precise amount of water each time, and compared to a metering valve, it saves water with every flush. Unlike the commonly used valve that simply opens and closes, TruFlush reliably controls the amount of water used. Sloan’s proven piston technology provides a consistent flush volume for pressures from 0.7 bars to 7 bars (10 psi to 100 psi). The corrosion-resistant wall plate is sleek and simple in design and engineered to perform in any environment.

The best feature of TruFlush is that it is the only flushometer that is suitable to work with STP or reclaimed water. The sensor activated flushometer provides hands-free activation for improved hygiene. It works on Infrared Sensor and has two power options, battery and hardwired. If it is working on hardwire, the battery works as a backup. And in case there is a power failure, the battery will get activated immediately. Electronic override button can be used in case of an emergency. The front plate of TruFlush is made of metal and is long lasting for commercial application.

Sloan - AER-DEC Integrated Sink with Soap DispenserSloan’s 2 station AER-DEC Integrated Sink with Soap Dispenser, Faucet and Hand Dryer on each station

Says Anup Tripathi, General Manager – India Operations, “Sloan has a global team of engineers for developing water-efficient technologies without compromising on design, quality, reliability or performance. The emphasis of our designers is on high-efficiency products that are good looking as well as green and sustainable. Since making eco-friendly products is part of our overall ethos, we are paving the way for efficient plumbing solutions that are water saving too. With Sloan’s innovative engineering, quality materials and expert workmanship one can count on its products for years.”

He informs that all Sloan products are sold along with product-specific literature outlining the do’s and don’ts as well as other modalities for proper use of each item, and are backed by visual infographics to make the task easier. “Our dealers and sales representatives are well-informed and trained in disseminating these guidelines to the customers. Moreover, Sloan offers online classes for commercial professionals. Given the importance accorded to training, we even run a webinar series on this,” says Anup Tripathi.
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