Taiwan-based Pojiali Enterprise Co. Ltd. has brought to the Indian market its unique lead-free faucets that incorporate an ultra-filtration membrane for giving clean, purified water. Norman Wang, Senior Marketing Manager, discusses the faucet’s unique features and its use in household sanitary products, public places, and in various industries

Pojiali Faucets

What sets the Pojiali® brand apart from its peers?
Most faucet manufacturers usually focus on the faucet design, finish and color innovations, whereas Pojiali® also considers the public’s health as regards the quality of the water they use. We have, therefore, developed a series of large-flow water purification faucets. In fact, Pojiali Triworwater is the world’s first faucet design which has set a benchmark and a new trend in the design and function of faucets, by giving clean, healthy water, along with energy efficiency.

What are the special features of Pojiali® faucets?
We produce about 50,000 faucets a year and more than 1 million filters based on an advanced thin membrane technology. In addition, we develop and produce various biotechnology membranes according to customer needs, such as food material extraction membranes.

We have recently launched various types of water purification faucets and faucet water purifiers. The main objective is to provide exclusive filter membranes according to different needs, with the characteristics of stable quality and guaranteed functions. These can be used in household sanitary products, public places, and in various industries like food, pharma, etc.

What are the quality control systems and endurance tests at Pojiali®?
Our company is located in the Central Science Park in Taiwan and has a membrane laboratory to conduct quality management for various products.

Before the official launch, a comprehensive inspection of each filter element, including function test, endurance test and dissolution test is carried out.

After the product is on the market, a 1/1000 sampling destructive test is taken. Our company also regularly commissions third-party inspections (such as SGS) to ensure product quality.

What are the advantages of Pojiali® lead-free faucet with ultra-filtration membrane?
Because of environmental pollution and increasing population, the Indian people need a clean and hygienic water source. Pojiali® faucet has a built-in Molong PVDF® filter, which can provide a large amount of clean water (removing 99.9% of bacterial impurities in the water) without any electric power. Pojiali faucets provide clean filtered water for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables and even bathing (above 7L/min).

What’s more, the price of the consumables is cheaper than that of the RO. If widely used, our faucets will definitely enable a more healthy and sanitary living environment for the Indian people.
Norman Wang
Pojiali Triworwater has set a benchmark in faucet design and function by giving clean, healthy, filtered water, along with energy efficiency. We are now looking for OEMs in India for production of Pojiali faucets

Norman Wang

What are your marketing activities in India and what has been the response to your products?
Our company is currently looking for online and offline sales channels through Taiwan’s Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI). We also have service personnel based in India, who are looking for distributors to promote and sell our brand across the country.

Many of our customers are highly appreciative of our faucets while some feel that they are too expensive. We are trying our best to reduce the price. However, the cost of materials and components in Taiwan is very high so there is some limitation in reducing the price. Our company, therefore, is willing to provide better services and tie-ups with local OEM factories for the production of water purification faucets. With local production of Pojiali faucets, we will be able to reduce their price to a great extent.

How will your brand compete with other international and Indian brands present in India?
We believe that India has very good branded products. We will compete with them with our most unique water purification faucet. Combining Taiwan’s exclusive membrane technology, and the company’s years of experience in the sanitaryware industry, our faucets will provide healthy, clean, purified and filtered water for the Indian people. Our large flow purification faucets are already selling in Japan and the United States.