Alstone, a leader in exterior cladding and building materials, has launched ‘Alstone Arch Club,’ a one-of-a-kind initiative and campaign dedicated to celebrating the creativity and expertise of architects in India.

As part of the launch, Alstone has initiated a series of interviews featuring renowned Indian architects (showcased in the Alstone Arch Club) that delve into the architects’ professional journey, their signature projects, as well as their future aspirations. Among the esteemed architects who have already graced the Series are Ar. Sanjiv Tandon, Prof Charanjit, Singh Shah, Ar. Mala Mohan, Ar. Nitin Gupta, Ar.Meghna Srivastava, Ar. Srilata Ramkumar, Ar. Yogesh Tantia, and Ar. Ravindra Kumar.

Sumit Gupta, Managing Director, Alstone, said, “Architects are the visionaries who mould our world. Their creative insights and expertise form the very core of our products and solutions. With Alstone Arch Club, we will embark on a journey where innovation harmonizes with craftsmanship as the Club is poised to become a hub for creativity, collaboration, and inspiration, where architects can exchange ideas, innovate, and shape the future of architecture in India.

Alstone is a market leader of Metal Composite Panels (MCP) in India with its wide range of products that are manufactured at its facilities in Dehradun and Dubai to cater to Indian and international markets.