Archinza, with its AI-driven approach and user-friendly interactive environment via WhatsApp, is set to redefine how the design community connects, collaborates, and grows. Archinza’s transformative platform transcends geospatial boundaries, fostering collaboration and unlocking work opportunities in diverse locations for contractors, sales teams, vendors, consultants, and students. It empowers users to receive client inquiries, connect instantly with local design professionals, find ideal sources for projects, and build design teams.

AI-driven approach and user-friendly interactive environment
Introduced by Ar. Natasha Kochhar, Archinza is focused on ‘visibility and accessibility’ for all industry stakeholders. It enables everyone from the architecture and design ecosystem to search for information, source materials, products and services and achieve growth through knowledge and accessibility. The chat-based bot connects designers, architects, developers, students, and product/service providers across all tier-cities, facilitating real-time conversations and enhancing the overall user experience. The platform invites design and build stakeholders to showcase their work, creating an inclusive library that provides equitable exposure and knowledge sharing.

Highlighting the limitations imposed by disorganisation and inequitable access, Kochhar states, “Archinza addresses these challenges, enabling users to expand their networks, reach wider audiences, attend events, join organisations, and engage with online communities. This eliminates the need to relocate to metropolitan areas or resort to high-expenditure marketing techniques. Powered by AI algorithms, Archinza helps users understand their target audience, facilitating the creation of custom campaigns to reach ideal clients instantly and effectively. As Archinza leads the way in bridging gaps and creating a cohesive, interconnected community for professionals across the board, there will be a paradigm shift in the way we navigate the design and build industry.”