The new range announced is designed to redefine architectural aesthetics and functionality. The new product line includes ‘Habito Standard’ a high-quality gypsum board made for heavy unplanned and planned loading applications; ‘Rigiroc’ is a multi-purpose moisture resistant board with a bundle of added advantages like unplanned loading, fire, acoustics, impact etc; ‘Glasroc X’ is a new generation board for exterior applications with superior performance and aesthetical benefits; and ‘Metlance’ is an architectural metal ceiling tile.

These innovative products ensure solutions not only for interior walls and ceiling space but also exteriors. Beyond their functional benefits, the products have a low environmental impact through their lifecycle, affordability, and multi-sector applications.

Saint-Gobain India

Najwa Khoury, Global Gypsum Strategy Director, said, “Over the last few years, we have seen a growing acceptance for drywalls and modern ceiling tiles in India. We are delighted to introduce a new range of products that are functionally superior, sustainable, affordable, and customizable.”

Said Sudeep Kolte, VP Sales and Marketing, Saint-Gobain India, “Our new offerings are more than just innovations; they will be game changers, setting new standards in architectural construction and design. Each of the products have unique propositions, offering solutions for light and sustainable construction.

All the products come with unique features for functional enhancement and performance benefits that will meet the needs of varied industries:

Gyproc® Habito® Standard Board: This is a 13mm gypsum board with enhanced load-bearing capacity of up to 15kg point load capability using a regular woodscrew (without any need of cavity toggle or support), making it a high impact resistant and superior product.

Gyproc® Rigiroc™: This 13mm multipurpose gypsum board can be used in both dry and wet areas. It combines moisture resistance, 15Kg point load capacity, and strong impact resistance. It is manufactured in India and is 100% recyclable and has low-VOC emitting materials, thus reducing carbon footprints.

Gyproc® Glasroc X®: Setting a new standard for Gypsum drywall in the exterior space, this exterior wall gypsum board has been launched for the first time in India. Combined with benefits of drywalls in general, it has great dimensional stability, UV resistance in the coating, resistance to mold & moisture, and thermal exposure, and is 100% recyclable.

Gyproc® Metlance™: This revolutionary range of architectural metal ceiling range is crafted with precision and design elements to transform ceilings with its blend of innovation with design, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Habito Standard can be used in offices & commercial space whereas Rigiroc can be best applied in wet & semi-exposed areas such as residential drywalls, hospitals, school, institutes. The products will be available for projects across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Maldives.