India’s largest manufacturer of MDF/HDHMR and Particle Boards
Action Tesa, one of India’s largest manufacturer of MDF/HDHMR and Particle Boards, has introduced Action TESA Studio on Wheels a revolutionary mobile experiential center designed to bring the latest trends and innovations in interior and building solutions directly to customers’ doorsteps. The Studio on Wheels has embarked on an incredible journey, covering over 3500 km, reaching customers across Haryana, Punjab, J&K, and Rajasthan, where it has received an overwhelming reception from customers.

Support from the Indian panel sector, including architects, interior designers, students from architectural institutions, builders, dealers, and distributors has propelled the “Studio on Wheels” to new heights of recognition and appreciation. The “Studio on Wheels” has set new benchmarks in customer engagement by showcasing products, enhancing knowledge for end-users, illustrating how easy-to-use panels can enhance the aesthetics of interiors while emphasizing quality, time efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Said Ajay Aggarwal, Managing Director, Action TESA, “This initiative aims not only to educate and inform but also to connect with the architectural and interior design community, builders, and trade professionals by showcasing our extensive range of innovative, environmentally and user-friendly panels.