Novatr aims to bridge the gap between traditional AEC education and the fast-evolving technological landscape, empowering learners to become future-ready professionals. The platform aims to accelerate adoption of technology in the AEC industry and propel the AEC industry further towards tech-first skills and ensure better opportunities. The platform offers a range of courses and programs, including Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computational Design, to help learners build industry-relevant new-age skills.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)Founders Harkunwar Singh, Vipanchi Handa, Mehul Kumar, and Chaithanya Murali, architects and engineers from reputed institutions like SPA Delhi, and IIT Madras.

“We are at the helm of witnessing a transformative phase of the AEC industry; it has become clear that simply revamping the education and training of AEC professionals is not enough. The real challenge lies in transforming the industry itself from the inside out,” says Harkunwar Singh, Co-founder, Novatr.