Square Yards, India’s largest proptech platform, announced the launch of its Real Estate Metaverse, a fully immersive and interactive real world like environment that allows users to explore real estate on a digital twin of an entire city, visualize the neighborhoods in a 3D built environment, and walk in as an avatar interacting within a collaborative marketplace.

Square Yards, India’s largest proptech platform

Square Yards has been granted multiple global patents on immersive, virtual and collaborative experiences in real estate. It is working with global real estate developers to bring their project twins on its metaverse. The launch event in Mumbai on 20 Jan saw industry discourses on the potential of tech disruption for the sector, and also featured a host of demos of the Square Yards’ Metaverse, showcasing its features and capabilities, including future of search and discovery platforms with avatars exploring properties in a digital twin of a city, mixed reality experiences with Microsoft Hololense, immersive virtual reality experiences of home interiors, and data intelligence tools with advance visualization and analytics to bring transparency in the Indian real estate industry. The event was a peek into the future of technology in the the real estate sector where the attendees had the opportunity to experience the platforms and see how immersive experience will shape consumer experiences.

Said Tanuj Shori, Founder & CEO, Square Yards, “We believe that our interactive digital twins of the cities will transform the way consumers interact and transact for their real estate needs, and we have penetrated global markets such as Dubai, Canada and Neom in a short span of time with our patented digital twin tech. Industry leaders are now ready to embrace the Digital Revolution.” Square Yards’ metaverse for the city of Dubai will be freely available for consumers in Q2, CY 2023 followed by top cities in India like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi-NCR.

Square Yards is India’s largest Integrated real estate marketplace, with a category leadership presence across multiple touchpoints of consumer home ownership. With a presence in 100+ cities across 9 countries, Square Yards is at the forefront of tech adoption in the sector with multiple patents across VR/AI domains.