TK Elevator launches Building Operations Platform MAX in India

TK Elevator has launched its flagship building operations platform MAX in India. MAX brings cloud-based maintenance data and insights to building operations, creating additional values for building owners, property managers and maintenance personnel by offering more streamlined operations and increased availability of vertical mobility systems.

TK Elevator’s all-encompassing digital solutions consist of MAX and AGILE platforms, catering for the needs of building operations and people experience respectively. Smart Maintenance will be launched in the Asia Pacific region as the flagship product of the MAX range. As economic growth and infrastructural development continue in India, MAX enables optimal customer service for building operators and managers by analyzing real-time data from connected elevators, escalators and moving walks. Leveraging the availability of real-time status of elevators and escalators, property managers and maintenance personnel can easily manage the entire property through one comprehensive platform, taking full advantage of predictive and smart maintenance brought by MAX.

“With MAX, the industry’s first cloud-based predictive maintenance solution, TK Elevator has laid a solid foundation for the digitization of vertical mobility systems. MAX complements our state-of-the-art digital elevator calling and dispatch system AGILE, which offers optimized passenger experience and smart destination control.” said Manish Mehan, CEO India of TK Elevator. “These digital solutions will strengthen TK Elevator’s foothold in the ever-competitive India market, create best-in-class customer experience, and reinforce our leading position as an innovation leader.”

MAX is the ideal building operations solution for elevator and escalator operators of all scales. From standalone TKE elevators in residential buildings to hundreds of units newly installed or modernized by TKE in commercial facilities or infrastructure projects, adding MAX new or as retrofits provide property owners and managers with different levels of operation and maintenance insights through its MAX plus, MAX pro and MAX premium packages.