The Griha Event
Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) Council is an autonomous, not for profit society established to promote and administer the development of sustainable buildings and habitats in India through GRIHA rating. GRIHA has been acknowledged as India’s own green building rating system. The tool evaluates reductions in emission intensity through habitats. GRIHA is a part of mitigation strategy for combating climate change in INDIA's “Nationally Determined Contributions” submitted to UNFCCC by the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change.

Over the years, GRIHA Council has been hosting its annual summits in association with entities of national and international repute such as Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs; Ministry of Power; Ministry of New and Renewable Energy; UNSW Sydney, Australia; Royal Danish Embassy; GIZ; Bureau of Energy Efficiency to deliberate on issues which are of national discourse and is attended by various stakeholders and general masses.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a half a day event is being organized this year conforming to COVID appropriate protocol. The theme of this year’s event - “Restoring Green Economy” will aim to generate a dialogue about taking decisive steps to go beyond the conventional GDP and measure it inclusive of green development.

While climate is a fantastically complex system, the negative impact of anthropogenic activities has been exceedingly apparent in recent years with the root causes of climate change also identified as factors that increase the risk of pandemics. In 2020, global carbon-dioxide emissions plummeted in the wake of COVID-19. While the pain of economic disruption was felt around the world, the crash served as an eye-opener for climate-conscious businesses - more voices are now calling for the recovery to be based around sustainability, and for the need to use the new normals we have been forced to define to account for the climate emergency. A greener recovery can significantly enhance the resilience of economies and societies in the face of severe recession and accelerating environmental challenges. Expressed simply, a green economy is resource efficient, low carbon and socially inclusive. Within this type of economy, income growth and employment would be driven by both public and private investments that reduce carbon emissions, enhance resource efficiency and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The overall aim of the transition would be ensuring economic growth and investment while preserving environmental quality and ensuring social inclusivity. The focus must be on directing our efforts toward leveraging technology to rebuild sustainably.

The GRIHA Event, scheduled to take place on the 10th of December, 2021 aims to serve as a platform for our distinguished guests to inspire the green building fraternity and the wider community to work toward restoring a green economy and “building back better".