Softtech engineers
SoftTech Engineers has announced that the last day to apply for its distinctive startup beneficiary program- AmpliNxt is 15th of August 2021. As a revolutionary program for startups in the AEC (Architecture/ Engineering/ Construction sector), this initiative provides combined benefits of an incubator, accelerator & corporate venture capital.

AmpliNxt program is extending substantial benefits to startups including- Initial Investment of up to Rs. 10 Lacs, Startup support kit worth Rs. 10 Lacs, and Incubation Facility for up to 1 year. The program extends support to startups that cover Further Seed Investment Access, Commercialization & Piloting Opportunity, and Business, Technical, Marketing & Sales Support.

Vijay Gupta, Founder, Chairman & MD at SoftTech Engineers Limited said, "Most of the startups in India struggle hard to bring technology innovation. Early-stage support is critical for new startups because of the pressing need to test business models in a dynamic market. Harnessing robust technical expertise & industry specialization, AmpliNxt is poised to help Indian Startups attain technological & business excellence with a specific focus on the construction domain.

AmpliNxt is a technology-driven program, recognizing the need for innovative disruption in all the industries with a focus on Smart City, BIM, Supply Chain, Gov-Tech, Fin-tech, GIS, Construction & Energy. In addition to this, AmpliNxt is supporting all ventures that are leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, UAV & Robotics to add value to the AEC sector.