Lualdi - Bespoke Doors Collection
Ottimo brings to India a bespoke collection of doors – Altaj – by Lualdi, the legendary Italian brand for interior doors, custom-made furniture and mill work. An unparalleled combination of creativity and engineering, the doors, panels, sliding and pivoting doors offered by Lualdi epitomise the quintessential Italian design, craftsmanship and sophistication.

Like all creations by Lualdi, Altaj doors stand out with their stunning minimalism and precise functionality, with the flush door almost disappearing into the wall. But the concept behind these bespoke doors goes beyond that. What sets them truly apart is the surprising three-dimensional effect that imparts a sense of depth to the doors designed by SBGA Blengini Ghirardelli.

The distinguishing detail of Altaj is the metal profile that frames the door and projects it forward. The symmetry of the edge and the absence of a striker become very particular decorative elements, creating two different appearances thanks to the play of shadows with the flush-to-wall frame. Pivoting, with an aluminium frame, Altaj comes with new refined finishes such as the two-tone Chocolate wood textures and woven leather.

The edge framing the surface of the Altaj door and projecting it forward gives it a different look depending on the viewing angle. The continuous edge that runs around all four sides is the decorative element that gives the door a three-dimensional effect of depth. This, along with the pure and essential lines, elevates Altaj doors to a work of art.