OUTWUD's Exterior Wood Collection
Span Floors, a brand for wooden flooring in India has launched the new range of woods, under its sub brand OUTWUD, that can be used for harsh, outdoor usage. Like all Span floor products, this new exterior wood collection takes care of Aesthetics, Durability, Health, and Sustainability. It is strong enough to withstand harsh outdoor use such as Facade, Decking, Pergolas, and Louvers with exposure to sun and rain. Made in New Zealand, OUTWUD Vulcan range of products are based on a patented process called Vulcanization where sustainable wood species like Radiata pine are made more suitable for outdoor applications. The latest exclusive collection has been put on display at Span Floors experience centre located in Greater Kailash-II. The collection is also available with the premium Span floors dealers across India.

Span Floor’s latest Exterior Wood collection focuses on sustainable, modified exterior grade woods giving consumers the joy of using a beautiful natural material, responsibly. All products have highly improved performance and aesthetics as compared to normal, unmodified woods. They develop a beautiful silver grey patina overtime if left untreated (without coating). Besides the looks, all products from this collection come from FSC certified manufacturers sourcing raw wood from sustainable, responsible forestry.

Mr. Satinder Chawla, Managing Director, Span Floors, says, “All wood is sourced through certified logging activities. We aim at giving the consumers a highly suitable & improved alternative to traditional woods like Ipe, Cumaru, Teak etc which due to suspect origins, are destroying our fragile environment. Moreover Outwud Vulcanization process improves a lot over the normal thermal modification process which alone cannot handle termite situation as prevalent in India.”