It was a firework of ideas and surprises at Kömmerling’s 125th anniversary which was celebrated enthusiastically from June 23 to 25, 2022, with galas, in-house exhibitions, and employee party. The Pirmasens site not only celebrated the 125th anniversary, but also set the course for a sustainable future.

The highlights included two gala evenings on June 23rd and 24th – each attended by over 600 participants, including customers, well-known personalities from the world of politics and business houses, suppliers, and employees. It was a celebration of the past successful years of the company, which also presented its new revolutionary brand concept for the future.

Kömmerling welcomes Minister President Malu Dreyer and Markus Zwick, Lord Mayor
As prominent guests, Dr. Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of the profine Group, welcomed the Minister President of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Mrs. Malu Dreyer, and Markus Zwick, Lord Mayor of Pirmasens. They took part in the press session, the main topics of which were sustainability, circular economy, and the responsibility of local companies.

Big 3-Day Anniversary Celebrations Mark 125 Years of Kömmerling

Minister President Malu Dreyer congratulated the long-established company and acknowledged its achievements, “I am pleased that profine and its products are setting an example in the direction of climate protection and sustainability. The climate goals can only be achieved if, in addition to the framework conditions created by politics, companies also get involved, and profine has a lot to show for this. As Minister President, it makes me proud that Rhineland-Palatinate is an attractive location with a home and future for many strong and innovative companies and pioneers in future technologies. The chemical and plastics industry is a cornerstone of value creation, employment, and innovation in our country. The state government is setting the right industrial policy framework in times of transformation.”

Special honor for customers celebrating their anniversaries and employee party
Kömmerling also celebrated its customers anniversaries at the event by staging a ‘virtual honor. “It is only together with our customers that we have become a very successful company in the window industry. We are grateful for the many grown and trusting partnerships, which is also what sets Kömmerling apart,” said Dr. Peter Mrosik.

Big 3-Day Anniversary Celebrations Mark 125 Years of Kömmerling

The grand finale of the three-day event was the party for the employees who are the heart of the company. And since Kömmerling is the sponsor of the Bundesliga club 1. FSV Mainz 05, football could not be missing: At the Kömmerling Cup, colleagues could win great prizes - an unforgettable day for roughly 2,500 guests. Said Dr. Mrosik: “I am delighted that we were able to celebrate such special anniversary days with our customers, guests and employees. You could feel with each individual that it was now a new joint departure with Kömmerling into the future.”

Global series of events
The three-day event is part of a global series of events that the profine Group is celebrating with guests, customers, and employees in other countries. At the main and founding location of Kömmerling in Pirmasens, one could already experience impressively what awaits customers and guests. The in-house exhibition presented Kömmerling’s current product and service portfolio as well as insights into future developments, including solutions and services in the field of digitalization.

Big 3-Day Anniversary Celebrations Mark 125 Years of Kömmerling

Today for Tomorrow: Kömmerling a sustainability brand
Kömmerling is positioning itself for the future with the realignment of its brand. The new Kömmerling brand conveys a clear vision and brings responsibility and sustainability issues into focus. Sustainability is at the heart of the new positioning and brand philosophy. For Kömmerling, these are not just euphonious declarations of intent, it is about taking action today and making the right decisions for tomorrow. This becomes visible with a completely new brand image in a new design, with a new logo and slogan.

Big 3-Day Anniversary Celebrations Mark 125 Years of KömmerlingC: Dr. Peter Mrosik. Owner & CEO, profine Group Extreme right: Farid Khan, Director & CEO, profine India, with customers

Said Dr. Mrosik, “Our goal is to create a sustainable loop for high-quality products made of synthetic materials. Today we develop the right solutions for tomorrow and set standards for a future worth living for. This is what our Kömmerling brand stands for.”

New Kömmerling logo and slogan launched
The introduction of the new Kömmerling brand with a new logo was staged in an elaborate presentation. A music show with dancers, light and laser effects, visual highlights on a round 360-degree screen, was a mega show for the senses, which culminated in a radiant presentation of the new Kömmerling logo.

Big 3-Day Anniversary Celebrations Mark 125 Years of Kömmerling

Dr. Peter Mrosik explaining Kömmerling’s strategy for the future, said, “As a leading company, we want to be a role model for sustainability. We therefore consistently rely on circular economy in all areas. This is exactly what our new brand and logo reflects. What we do today protects the world of tomorrow’s generations.”

The new slogan is the thematic and emotional framework for the new appearance. In just three words, it sums up the brand message and direction that Kömmerling stands for: Today for Tomorrow, which becomes the central brand core, and is reflected in all products, images, and social media communication.

The new logo is the clearest visible sign of this realignment; it displays natural elements like the sun and water in abstract form and embodies circularity. Warm colors represent life, awakening, and the future. These elements also characterize the revolutionary corporate design which include a new image and color scheme and a design with curved lines.

profine: 29 Sites in 23 Countries
profine GmbH is a leading manufacturer of PVC-U profiles for windows and doors and a renowned provider of shutter systems and PVC sheets. With its KBE, KÖMMERLING, and TROCAL brands, the Group supplies its products to more than 100 countries and has an excellent international standing at 29 sites in 23 countries. It has production facilities in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russia, India, the UK, Ukraine, the USA, and China, with its head office in Troisdorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, and a payroll of over 3,000 employees.