Building Materials Sector leaders Aludecor and Nedzink join hands to revolutionize building construction in India with the introduction of the highly sustainable and recyclable Zinc for application in facades and roofing.

India’s leading manufacturer of Metal Composite Panels, Aludecor, and world’s leading manufacturer of rolled Zinc materials, Nedzink, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to galvanize the use of sustainable building material solutions, and revolutionize the Indian construction industry by introducing environment-friendly solutions.

Nedzink’s partnership with Aludecor is a milestone in India’s building material sector. Nedzink has been providing the highest quality zinc products for use in both large and small-scale façade and roofing projects around the world for over 130 years, placing the company amongst the world’s top four zinc producers, while Aludecor has been offering unique façade products for over 20 years. It is now enhancing its sphere of influence and adopting innovative sustainable solutions. The two companies will bring rolled zinc products to India, leveraging Nedzink’s world-class zinc manufacturing capabilities.

“Zinc is a highly sustainable metal that has enormous potential in India’s underserved but growing market,” said Ashok Kumar Bhaiya, CMD, Aludecor. “This is a great moment for our nation building with two leading players joining hands to bring a green, sustainable, and 100% recyclable product to the country. Zinc as a metal is highly durable, maintenance free, low greenhouse gas releasing, and self-healing. It consumes less energy compared to other metals – from the mining stage to production to installation.”

Aludecor: Creating Sustainability Benchmarks

He informed that they will be providing rolled titanium zinc for façade cladding, roofing, and other innovative applications, and also application support from design to construction. The product will bring added value to India’s growing prowess of green certified buildings. In 2021, India ranked third in the world for LEED certified green buildings (representing nearly 2.8 million gross area square metres (GSM) of space) in the US Green Building Council (USGBC) annual list. The total market size of metal facades in India is approximately Rs. 4,000 crores and is set to increase to over Rs 5,000 crores in the next two years. Out of this, zinc metal façade products, currently contributes less than one percent which is expected to grow to 5% in the next 2-3 years thus and become a Rs.250 crore market.

“India is a key market for us, and we will be marketing our products aggressively with Aludecor as our sales partner in India. With NedZink’s advanced technology and expertise in producing high quality titanium zinc sheets, Indian consumers are going to experience a product which is long lasting and very sustainable,” said Erwin Smeets, Group Business Development Director, NedZink. Netherlands-based NedZink has offices in Germany and Belgium, and is a lobal supplier of zinc.

Aludecor: Creating Sustainability Benchmarks(L-R): Dr. P R Swarup, DG-CIDC, Ashok Kumar Bhaiya, CMD, Aludecor. Erwin Smeets, Group Business Development Director, NedZink. Ashok Khurana, DG (retd) CPWD

He added, “We are confident that Indian customers will find immense value in this partnership for a variety of reasons as Zinc is one of the most recognized sustainable materials and essential for modern life. Zinc is a highly reliable building material with a lifespan of 75 to 100 years, after which it is 100% recyclable. Over 80% of the zinc available for recycling is currently recycled. Zinc’s self-healing properties, which aren’t found in other metals, makes it a popular choice for roofing and cladding. It meets all safety norms and is a globally certified product.”

“To qualify as a Green Building there are certain criterion such as usage of sustainable materials and construction practices. A green building is an architectural space that is created from natural and sustainable materials as well as formed using a process that does not significantly damage the environment. It is in sync with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision and India’s commitment to protect the environment. It is also necessary to have skilled installers, to bring complete satisfaction to the customer,” said Dr. P R Swarup, Director General, Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC).

Ashok Khurana, DG (retd) CPWD, added that zinc as a building material can bring design flexibility, and add colour to facades. Being light and durable, it can replace stone as a facade material.

Vikram Handoo, Senior VP-Sales, Aludecor, commented that the minuscule 1% consumption of zinc in India’s building sector is a challenge. “Our strategy will be to sell an international quality product and support the construction industry with a new category of products for building facades and roofing. Zinc is also a cost-efficient material; the initial high cost of the metal will be realized over the long lifespan of the building given zinc’s high durability.”

Aludecor, India’s leading manufacturer of Metal Composite Panels, is known for introducing breakthrough products that have created benchmarks for quality and aesthetics in the construction markets. The unique products are highly recommended by architects, facade consultants, construction experts, and interior designers. The company has a presence in more than 250 cities, world-class manufacturing units spread across 37,500 sqm in Haridwar, equipped with a fire testing lab, and a R&D center for developing new product lines.

The company is targeting revenue turnover of Rs. 1100 crores by 2025 with the addition of new products to its portfolio and export business. It is also expanding its manufacturing capacity by adding another factory, which will be commissioned before the year-end at Haridwar. This would increase the total capacity of Aludecor to 22000 metric tons. Aludecor products are supported by a 500+ strong retail network.