Roofing acts as the primary barrier against natural elements like rain, heat and storm and hence is the most critical part of any construction. Quality materials help increase roof life, reduce noise, assure safety, and improve aesthetic appeal. The future of the Roofing Industry is bright considering the boom in the Indian construction industry, which is set to be the world's third largest by 2030.


Latest trends in roofing systems include:
  • Energy efficient roofs: These include solar tiles, metal roofs, light-colored shingles, reflective coatings and more. The key lies in the roof's reflective properties. Less heat absorption translates to higher conservation of energy.
  • Organic roofing: Green roofs can be as simple as a grass-covered roof or as intricate as a full-on rooftop garden. In addition to being low maintenance they also keep the electricity bills lower.
  • Designer roofs: These eye-catching roofs with high-quality construction come in a wide range of attractive styles, colors, textures and materials, while being functional and durable. Many designer roofs are designed to withstand high winds, fires, hurricanes, etc. Buyers are also opting for roofs with innovative shapes, long lifespans, and roofs with FRP skylights that add more value to their buildings.

ROOF INDIA provides the ideal platform for the building construction and infrastructure industry to converge, network and establish business partnerships and joint ventures. The 19th edition of Roof India Exhibition 2020 is being organized by Hyve India Pvt Ltd (formerly known as International Trade and Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd.) from 23-25 April 2020 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bengaluru, India. The exhibition sets a benchmark in Asia for Roofing, Cladding, Pre-Engineered Buildings, Metal Building Systems, Tensile Architecture, Green Roofs / Roof Landscaping, Waterproofing, Insulation, Roofing Machinery, Roof Fastening Systems etc. Leading manufacturers will showcase their latest products, advanced materials, solutions and technologies to architects, real estate builders, town planners, contractors, structural and civil engineers, EPC consultants, and the end-users.

  • 150+ Leading Exhibitors from India & Abroad
  • Attendance of 5000+ trade visitors
  • Comprehensive display of roofing materials & technology along with live domes
  • New Launches & Special Offers by Exhibitors
  • Largest Gathering of Roofing Companies in India
Floor India 2020

Floor India 2020 will be held concurrently during ROOF INDIA 2020. The event is dedicated for Industrial & Commercial Flooring solutions along with Cleaning and Installation Technology. The rapid infrastructural developments have increased demand for flooring products, thereby boosting the Indian flooring industry. Floor India 2020 will be an ideal place to witness the latest trends and developments in the global flooring market.