The construction industry, known for its considerable carbon footprint, must adopt innovative solutions and eco-friendly building materials to reduce emissions throughout the lifecycle of a building. As decarbonization becomes a priority for governments, businesses, and society as a whole, there is a pressing need for change.
Sarvessa SB, Managing Director, BHADRA Group

adopt innovative solutions and eco-friendly building materials

We understand the global imperative of carbon reduction and are committed to paving the path towards a future with zero net carbon emissions. We, therefore, propose a roadmap to accelerate the transition to net-zero emission construction in order to address the construction industry’s emissions challenges.

Bhadra Group
Our roadmap to a future with zero net carbon emissions will serve as an example for the real estate and other industries to follow.

Sarvessa SB, Managing Director, Bhadra Group

Our comprehensive roadmap includes sustainable design principles, energy-efficient practices, and adoption of renewable energy. We will invest in R&D, promote circular economy practices, and prioritize the use of sustainable materials. We believe that collaboration is essential to success and will therefore collaborate with industry stakeholders, disseminate knowledge, and lobby for supportive policies and incentives. We believe that, together, we can create a sustainable planet for future generations.