Spread across 25 acres, Eros Sampoornam, is a meticulously planned residential enclave by the Eros Group. The four-sided open complex has a modern architectural design that ensures ample natural light, expansive green landscapes, jogging tracks, and sporting facilities, fostering a holistic lifestyle.

At Eros Sampoornam, located in Greater Noida (West), residents enjoy an array of amenities, that include a swimming pool, a well-equipped club and gymnasium, social spaces for community interaction and a meditation and yoga center. A multi-tier security system employs advanced surveillance and access control, providing a secure living environment. Employing cutting-edge technology, the project features advanced surveillance mechanisms, including CCTV monitoring and biometric access control. This robust security infrastructure ensures a secure living environment. The integration of secure entry points, vigilant monitoring, and quick response protocols provide a safe and protected community.

Eros Sampoornam, located in Greater Noida (West)

The project is equipped with state-of-the-art technology-led amenities, including high-speed internet and seamless connectivity with advanced fiber optic infrastructure, catering to the digital needs of modern households. The convenience of reserved parking ensures a hassle-free experience for residents and their guests.

Director, Eros Group
Eros Sampoornam blends modern aesthetics with top amenities for recreation, fitness, security, and tranquility, for a well-rounded living experience. Aesthetically designed spaces, lush landscapes, top-tier facilities, and strategic location, make it an ideal choice for modern-day homebuyers.

Avneesh Sood - Director, Eros Group

The project features high-speed elevators for swift vertical transportation, reducing wait times. Smart elevator controls ensure secure and seamless access to designated floors, enhancing overall convenience. The elevators are also designed to be energy-efficient, aligning with the project’s commitment to eco-conscious living. These advanced elevator systems not only elevate physical accessibility but also contribute to a modern, connected, and environmentally responsible living experience for the residents.

Eros Sampoornam, located in Greater Noida (West)

Sustainable living is ensured with thoughtfully integrated features that include low density, well-ventilated spaces, lush green open areas and a 100m green belt, fostering a serene, eco-conscious environment. Strategically located with a 60m road connecting to Central Noida and an upcoming metro station nearby, the project emphasizes accessibility and reduced environmental impact.