We are focusing on using environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient solutions, and implementing sustainable construction practices.
Gunjan Goel, Director, Goel Ganga Developments

that cut carbon emissions over a building’s entire lifespan

We are focusing on sustainable building practices that cut carbon emissions over a building’s entire lifespan. This entails using environmentally friendly materials, adopting power-efficient systems, and renewable energy sources such as rooftop solar panels and wind turbines, and reducing waste. We believe that through onsite waste segregation, reusing, and recycling of construction-related scrap, we can effectively turn waste into resources that are beneficial. By minimizing on-site building waste, using prefabrication and modular methods of construction we can minimize waste creation to a great extent.

The real estate sector
The real estate sector would welcome legislation that promotes environmentally friendly construction practices, use of materials and technologies that make buildings energy-efficient and lower their carbon footprint.

Gunjan Goel

that cut carbon emissions over a building’s entire lifespan

Increased price of eco-friendly materials, lack of knowledge on sustainable practices, and the requirement for specialised skills and training are some of the challenges that developers encounter. We believe that construction firms can collaborate with other interested parties to create carbon footprint calculators that effectively quantify emissions while providing incentives for mitigation initiatives. This approach may additionally encourage use of clean energy and materials that are environmentally friendly and reduce carbon emissions throughout the construction phase.