Adoption of energy efficient building design technologies
Recycled content is an important criterion for selection of building material as it reduces the larger negative impact of the construction industry on the environment.

Ashwinder R Singh - CEO-Residential, Bhartiya Urban Limited

Adoption of energy efficient building design technologies and sustainable principles give owners and the environment significant benefits. Gaining full benefit of the implemented principles depends on the knowledge and participation of the consumers. Knowledge transfer from experts to the occupants is necessary through training programs. Provision of tenant guidelines for successful operation of the building is also essential.

Adoption of energy efficient building design technologies

Sustainable measures include reducing usage of natural resources, reusing 10 -15% recycled content building materials like blocks, cement, steel, glass, wood-based material for construction and recycling, reusing demolition waste, and optimizing use of steel and cement, and energy efficient equipment with the COP and kW as per ECBC requirement. Energy savings in new green building could range from 20 - 30 % and water savings of 30 - 50%.

Energy Saving
End Use Equipment Energy Savings
Chiller 42%
Cooling Tower 66%
Hub Room 0%
AHU Fan 88%
Pumps & Aux. 25%
Exterior Lighting 40%
Misc. Equip. 0%
Interior Lighting 56%
Total 28%
Water Saving
Fixtures Water Saving @ Fixture Level
Toilet Flush 25%
About 33% of the Bhartiya City master plan is designed to have a green cover and more pedestrianised and cycle movement. Aerated blocks are used in the buildings to enhance ambient temperatures. A climate-responsive dynamic building façade has been installed. Buildings are designed to enhance day lighting for power optimization. A Centralized Utility Block for office buildings uses energy efficient technologies to help reduce operation cost. A centralised organic waste converter for treatment and recycling of solid and liquid refuse helps convert waste into rich compost for landscaping. Recycled water from a STP is being used for irrigation and flushing in restrooms. AC Cooling Towers, AHUs with EC fans, efficient equipment used in HVAC and electrical systems reduce energy consumption. Rainwater harvesting system has been implemented throughout the City. Considering all the benefits associated with Bhartiya City, our latest project Nikoo 4 has become one of the fastest selling projects in Bangalore.