Balador Athena

Designed by IMK Architects for client Sankpals Developers, Balador Athena is set against the backdrop of the Sahyadri mountain range, along the Talegaon Lake in Talegaon, Pune

Balador Athena

The 1,58,750-sq.m residential complex comprises nine seven-storey buildings oriented around a central landscaped courtyard, a clubhouse and play areas for children. A curvilinear façade organically unfolds around the cluster of towers, complementing the fluid landscape around. A stepped central courtyard marks a sense of entry and serves as the communal heart of the complex. It is designed to host multiple community gatherings in order to respond to changing social demands within a close-knit community.

The central courtyard unfolds as three levels; the first and lowest being an entrance court, followed by the second - a green court filled with shrubs and trees, while the last and highest level serves as a public court, housing an amphitheatre at the apex, as well as the entrance to the clubhouse tucked below the landscape.

Vistas and vantage points are created along the central courtyard to offer views of the landscape and the daily activities around the residential complex. Green rooftops provide additional spaces for rejuvenation with scenic views of the mountains.

Balador Athena

The concentric planning gives rise to a defined circulation pattern within the complex. Vehicular movement is kept to the periphery of the complex with on-ground parking along the outer ring of the site; this creates a pedestrian-only central zone for residents.
Ar. Nithin Hosabettu, Design Director, IMK Architects
Through strategic planning, the first phase (1 acre) of the 45-acre Balador Athena aims to create a holistic environment to promote harmonious living amidst nature

Ar. Nithin Hosabettu, Design Director, IMK Architects

Architectural Design
Each apartment is designed to either offer a view of the central courtyard or the mountain range to the South; this engenders a sense of interaction with the outdoors and within the community at large. The large fenestrations and balconies bring in natural light and ventilation. Kitchens look into smaller internal courtyards within the towers to allow for adequate ventilation.

The Facade
The project’s nine buildings appear to merge seamlessly through a free-flowing curvilinear façade that envelops the entire site and landscape within it. A detailed sun-path analysis was conducted to optimally orient and create a facade that would minimize solar heat gain. Rectangular balconies break-out from the façade, cutting through the monotony to create dynamism, while the buildings’ curved overhangs mirror the free-flowing façade.

Balador Athena

Solutions for Protection of Environment
Baldor Athena is planned with respect to the natural topography of the site to create an integrated surface drainage system. The residential complex employs simple technologies to tackle energy and site management. Wastewater and stormwater management systems as well as processes for treatment and disposal of all types of waste minimize environmental impact.

Balador Athena

The wastewater from the homes is reused for landscaping and ground water recharge. The ground water recharging network mimics the original water flow patterns of the terrain and keeps storm water runoff to a minimum. Rooftop rainwater harvesting and storm water drainage systems drain excess water and prevent water logging. Moreover, biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste is segregated, while dry waste is sent for recycling and wet waste is treated by an Organic Waste Converter — converting approximately 0.2-tons of wet waste per day for compositing.
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