Sunil Sisodiya
This year began with the nationwide vaccination drive that everyone was looking forward to, which will work as a growth booster for all the sectors. And the real estate sector has not been untouched from the global crisis, which according to the industry experts is going to boost once again. With all the projects to be back on track, the commercial real estate sector is one particular segment that all investors have been eyeing on. 

The Indian business Real Estate has been on investors' radar in the course of recent years inferable from its solid basics and strength. As per a gauge, it has pulled in to the tune of USD 15.4 billion of value speculations since 2011. Attributable to the essential area and infrastructural improvements, NCR has represented the second-biggest quantum of PE speculations since 2011 (Knight Frank). The business area quit slacking somewhere in the range of 2014 and 2019 with rising rental costs, solidification of the set-up players and development of REITs. The year 2019 saw a record renting of 42 million sq ft. until the pandemic stuck and tossed the economy out of stuff, but briefly. 

The renewal of financial activities in the Unlock stages, alongside a spate of government activities, has established the tone for restoration in real estate demand. As per a report, the second from last quarter of 2020 saw an incredible 138% expansion q-o-q in gross renting volume to 14.7 million sq. ft. This advancement forecasts well for the business land to hurry up again in 2021 in the midst of the assumptions for monetary dependability. 

Real Estate has generally been viewed as a protected and stable resource class for speculation purposes. The business portion will keep on excess the favoured selection of financial backers in 2021 inferable from guaranteed and rewarding quantifiable profits. Additionally, an overall feeling of instability has likewise provoked NRIs to put resources into Indian real estate. A Knight Frank report predicts the business yields in Mumbai, Bengaluru and NCR to stay stable in 2021.

The reason behind industry experts advising to invest in commercial real estate projects is the high demand of the new office spaces as many companies are anticipated to reopen with the end of the pandemic. Along with this, there are many more opportunities in the commercial segment promising a long-term income to the investors. To add on to this, 'virtual space' is a trending element in the commercial segment, which is ideal for investors who are not interested in the maintenance or property type, but in the long-term returns. 

The re-opening of workplaces, though with cleanliness and wellbeing measures, will additionally give a fillip to the interest for office spaces. Existing inhabitants will ultimately get back to the workplace and request more region per sq ft for a similar labour force to hold fast to the social removing norms. Nevertheless, we anticipate a few patterns to refine the business fragment in 2021. The worries of wellbeing, sanitation and health would perpetually prompt the union of the business for coordinated designers. An ever-increasing number of engineers are probably going to dispatch contributions that give a purified climate and a variety of wellbeing conveniences obliging wellbeing cognizant clients. 

Office the board will expect an inescapable part in forming buyers' view of office spaces. One can likewise anticipate that land collaborations should be supported by new innovations, for example, the utilization of Artificial Intelligence-based chatbots and Virtual Reality headsets to improve proficiency and upgrade client encounters. Contactless advancements will be the way to guarantee sterilization and cleanliness in office spaces. In addition, straightforwardness and a protected client experience will be the essential measurements for occupiers to evaluate properties instead of the prior measurement of reasonableness.

As per the industry experts, to name a few projects that are trending in the commercial real estate sector in 2021 are M3M ECO (Everybody Can Own) & Element One by Satya. On the other hand, for high end investment, the investors should consider 32nd Avenue Milestone, which is India’s first GRIHA certified commercial property that also hosts the headquarters of speculator brands, such as The Hans Motors and MG Motors. These mentioned projects are pre-leased & ready to move in. 

Regardless of the transient interruptions, India's commercial real estate segment keeps on pulling in revenue from occupiers and investors taking a gander at the drawn-out skyline. With additional unwinding given by the public authority post COVID, managers and representatives are looking for the correct equilibrium of in-office and far off working choices. 

As we push ahead, 2021 will consider a to be stream of venture as simple liquidity by worldwide national banks will guarantee financing costs are low and finances will pursue speculations with exceptional returns. Adhering to SEBI's alteration of the principles of REITs, one can expect an inflow of interest in business land that offers rewarding returns when contrasted with other speculation roads.

According to Sunil Kumar Sisodiya, Chairman & Founder of Geetanjali Homestate, “Covid took us through such unprecedented times, where we learned that we all should invest in real estate to have a secured future. And since the commercial segment is going to be the growth driver for the real estate sector this year with many projects on the run, investors can choose to invest as per their budget from the various options in the market.”

To sum up, with a large number of monetary and strategy changes and improvement bundles presented by the specialists, the area will have an uplifting viewpoint in 2021. With improved purchaser supposition, we see a positive effect vacillating sitter who will currently come out and contribute, further expanding the interest for more powerful designs thinking about the new typical. The industry also got an impactful budget from the Finance Minister which won't just assistance the realty industry but the whole economy.