Here’s the story of Founder & Chairman Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues and co-Founder & Director Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues - first generation entrepreneurs of the Bennet & Bernard Group that defines glamour, magnificence, novelty and exclusivity of luxury housing in Goa. Lincoln and Lindsay operate the Bennet and Bernard empire collectively, the former taking the role of business expansion and the latter owns the conversion of ideas from paper to reality.

Mr. Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, Founder and Chairman & Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, Co Founder and Director, Bennet & Bernard Group

Luxury Real Estate
The Rodrigues brothers, professional commercial mariners turned entrepreneurs, took the plunge into luxury real estate in 2010, and set the gold standard in this part of the country –Goa! The land claims uniqueness. And the brothers give it with panache. Right from their name. For anyone in the trade, any trade, the name would be a given. But not these brothers! They chose their middle names, and the distinctiveness starts from there. And on the work front they are unyielding to the ordinary. From their own personal house to the business, they were passionate about building the ‘best’ luxury homes ever built. And how! They work relentlessly towards this vision every day and weave fantasies into reality - of an eco-friendly luxury housing experience. Presently, the Rodrigues brothers are running two businesses under the Bennet & Bernard brand – Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt. Ltd. and Bennet & Bernard Gastronomy Hospitality Pvt Ltd, which are synonymous with quality, passion and innovation. Within just a few years of their venture, the brother duo has scored an array of award-winning projects. They have created the ultimate luxury of exclusivity, class, vibe, and value for the discerning clientele.

“We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

“We’ve peered over the horizon -…” It’s what you’ll hear from the brothers when asked of the years of hard work and results, moments of daunting challenges and success, short nights and long days. They know the vision they have, and it has only gotten better, stronger, and more worthy of pursuing. The zeal to be only the best and, aided by constant learning and reengineering, has been the key motivation. The going has been tough but they have been using this as their adrenaline and they have only gotten stronger. And the results are there for everyone to see.

Grosvenor House

Architecture at its best
Architectural landscape plays a significant role in real estate today. More so in Goa, because this is where the east meets west with elegance. It influences and interacts positively with society. Bennet and Bernard have created a niche for themselves with their unique style where you feel a distinctive sense of space and grandeur the moment you enter any of their projects. Over the last decade, the company has delivered many exclusive homes in Goa that are highly appreciated for their architecture and high standards of aesthetics, be it the Spanish or Portuguese-styled villas or duplex condominiums and penthouses in a French château-styled structure. None of the designs are ever repeated making each project exclusive for every owner.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness.” – Frank Gehry

The company has successfully completed many high-end luxury projects in Goa like Gables by the Bay: an international trend in luxury residence, or the Spanish Casa Del Señor that artfully blends traditional influences with contemporary amenities to create luxury living spaces. Elmsgate, with Balinese architecture, is pure luxury. Tudor House, a beautiful French Château, transcends its royal dynasty look with its colonial frontal façade. Quinta Del Mariano is a colonial Portuguese architecture masterpiece, Northquay, Dutch Tropical architecture on a river front project is also marvellous and then there is Sevens, reflecting contemporary design. The projects are all on wishful locations, mostly in North Goa, in Assagao, Moira and Siolim, which convey an address of high value.

Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes GoaBennet & Bernard Custom Homes Goa

Grosvenor House, the latest in their offerings, is a one-of-its-kind Georgian architectural marvel that reflects international standards of high-end living. This formidable wonder, solitary, imposing, regal, poised to push the boundaries of luxury and aristocracy, beyond and higher is one of the most prestigious homes in Goa. The materials used for the project in all aspects including the steel are probably the most expensive and premium in their respective categories. Bespoke options of single stone Italian marble in each unit and top of the range sanitaryware add to the opulence. Each unit is furnished fully with contemporary Victorian interiors. Grosvenor House will be a striking landmark on an arterial road, yet tranquil behind the high walls of privacy.

The best of construction methodologies
“Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.” – Le Corbusier

Since inception, environmental stewardship is a commitment at Bennet & Bernard and they strictly adhere to it. A building designed using passive architectural feature can significantly reduce its dependency on mechanical forms of cooling and heating and lower operational costs to a great extent. Hence, this is one of the core principles of their projects. Some of the other highlights that add to the sustainability appeal of projects include usage of white- or light coloured roofs that reflect the sun’s energy instead of absorbing it. Solar energy is also harnessed to its maximum potential. Large double glazed UPVC windows in the projects help maintain the internal temperature and provide good ventilation. Also, villas are optimally positioned and aligned keeping in mind the wind directions and sun to keep the villas naturally heated during the winters and cooler during the summers.
Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues
Luxury is a limited edition and never mass-produced. The concept of luxury living should revolve around the idea of quintessential living where accessibility meets luxury and class. Living at our properties provides residents a rare opportunity to make an exceptional style statement. We believe that true luxury stems from exclusivity, hence, each project has its own story. We have always stayed ahead of the curve in introducing new concepts and will continue to bring disruptive innovation in holiday homes

Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, Founder & Chairman

Modern technology is visible in multiple forms. It begins at the plinth level with damp-proofing technology. Sturdy construction is ensured through anti-termite treatment from naturally derived solvents. RCC structure tested for NDT (non-destructive test) and pulse velocity, rigid electrical concealed conduiting, external walls double coat plaster with integral admixture for water repellent properties, roof waterproofing with polyurethane liquid treatment with high elasticity, which has excellent thermal and weather resistance, most appliances with inbuilt inverters to mitigate fluctuations, are just some behind the scene instances where technology ensures fantastic build quality.

Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes GoaBennet & Bernard Custom Homes Goa

Growing demand of holiday homes in Goa
The demand for luxury holiday homes in Goa has always been high and has gone up in the post Covid-19 context. Many people today are looking for a retirement holiday home with millennials especially looking to invest in Goa as their getaway destination from the busy cities and chaotic lives. Buyers are looking at luxury projects that are independent and large in gated communities with unique architecture. The location of the project also plays a key role, along with exclusivity, and, hence, destinations with a scenic locale and with experiences within the home and community – all of which are highly demanded by the buyers. The quanta of health, convenience, and safety issues involved have risen lately, leading to buyers becoming extremely selective. Goa will definitely keep attracting investors because of its culture, lifestyle and the value for money it offers.

The future is set
The journey of accomplishments, the brothers see as just having begun and have strategised several upcoming plans of expansion as they aim to rule the luxury housing and hospitality industry along with building up an empire in the FMCG sector with its unquestionable premium services and impeccable varieties of choice for the customers. As far as projects are concerned, Grosvenor House has just been launched, while Chiado de Moira and few other projects will be launched later this year. Internationally, the company is looking at a few hand-picked locations, which is currently work in progress. With Goa being India’s busiest hotspot on the international tourism map, the company plans to continue focus on the sunshine state. They are also looking at possible acquisitions, both in the country and in the global market to grow rapidly.
Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues,
We have mastered the fine art of maintaining a balance between design and purpose and offer the highest levels of comfort, down to every last detail. Our enviable clientele list stands as testament to our promise of offering only the best

Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, co-Founder & Director

Bennet & Bernard have also forayed into the FMCG segment under the banner of Artisan Deli with expansion of the product line including cold cuts, frozen breads, premium meats etc. They have entered the retail segment recently with the launch of Goa’s first gourmet store, ‘Black Vanilla Gourmet’. The company will soon go pan India with the Artisan Deli brand and is focused on creating an exclusive range of processed foods in India and global markets with manufacturing units in multiple cities across the country. The Bennet & Bernard group has also expanded with a new brand line - Locke & Mason - a yogurt line of artisanal fruit yogurts and curd.


Bennet & Bernard has experienced a fair share of challenges in the course of executing its projects. And they have been dealt with poise and suaveness. The pandemic created situations of critical importance concerning hygiene and security and the company had to introduce changes and transformations in line with these expectations and come up with new design solutions. The pandemic further enhanced their commitment to keep exploring new avenues to make ‘Bennet & Bernard’ an iconic brand. The brothers believe there is no shortcut to success and nothing replaces hard work and dedication. And style that never goes out of style.